Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tea and Flowers (Now with Update!)

Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week collided for me over the past few days in a lovely swirl of flowers, gifts, and the cutest Mother's Day Tea ever.

Quinn's preschool class held its annual Mother's Day Tea today, which I love for more reasons than I can count. Wait. I can count them. Ironically, actual tea is not one of the things I can count. Not because I don't like tea, because I do, but because there is never any tea served at the Mother's Day Tea. They should really call it the Mother's Day Apple Juice.

(How many times in a row do you think I can write "Mother's Day Tea?"

Or they could call it "15 Kids Standing in a Line Singing Ridiculously Cute Songs." Updated to Add: My friend and fellow preschool mom posted a video (at the bottom of this post). Because Quinn was standing near her child, you can see him. I'm dying from the cute.

Quinn sang the second to last song exactly one line behind everyone else.
It was like he was doing his own private round.
He finished a solid three seconds behind everyone else.

One of my favorite things about the Mother's Day Tea is that the teachers ask the kids questions about their moms. I'm always entertained by how my kids perceive me.

My eyes are not blue, but he's right about my and Alex's height differential.

I'm pleased that Quinn thinks I'm such a healthy eater and cooker. However, he's wrong about my favorite place to go. My favorite place to go is actually wherever I go after I drop my kids at school.

Quinn also painted and festooned a wooden box for me. I was delighted to see that he hadn't mushed all the colors together into that pinkish-gray paint color I think we're all familiar with.

Quinn spent most of the tea trying to convince me to give the box to him.

But there were Oreos, so even though I absolutely refused to give up my precious (my preshuss) box, it was still okay.

Honestly, I should just give him the box because
this guy is an even better Mother's Day present.

What of the flowers though, Stimey? And the teacher appreciation? You've blathered on and on (and on) and still haven't mentioned flowers or teacher appreciation.

(I like to imagine that y'all talk to me. Sue me.)

Here are the flowers:

For once, I'm not the one who spilled that drink on the table.

For the first day of teacher appreciation week at Sam and Jack's school, the kids were supposed to take in flowers for their teachers. Because Sam and Jack were doing it, Quinn just had to do it too. Two of the other kids in Quinn's class, both younger siblings, also brought in flowers. Quinn's teacher was so lovely as to put them all out as centerpieces on the tables.

If you think I was all super prepared by having flowers for the teacher at the crack of dawn on Monday, prepare to be disappointed. I had asked Alex to pick up flowers at the grocery store, but he forgot. Fortunately, we had a vase full of week and a half old flowers and some of them were still salvageable.

Evidently purple flowers last longer than the other colored flowers.

And here is the sad, cannibalized flower arrangement:

I tend to forget to remove flowers once they're in the vase.
It can get really sad. But it worked out for me this time.
Hooray, laziness and forgetfulness!

In case this post was too lovey-dovey, flowers, and sunshine for you, I now present you with this photo that Quinn insisted I take of his butt.


  1. Happy Mothers' Day! At least you are allowed to see your box. I have been given several items and told to hide them from myself this week. No peeking!
    Your vase looks sadly reminiscent of how flowers end up in our house, too. Hopefully someone will give you some fresh ones?

  2. I love that Quinn marches to his own beat. I think that will really serve him well.

    And I LOVE that little mom questionnaire. I also take my kids to the grocery store. And to Target. We go to Target so often that when Oscar is flying his pretend Rocket ship he flies it to Target. I kind of think this is a waste of jet fuel, and I tried telling him we have a hard enough time parking our car at Target, so parking a rocket there is going to be impossible. My attempts at rationalization are lost on him.

  3. Once again, you have me cracking up! I was so sad to miss the tea. I hear this child, as opposed to my other, actually sings the cute songs! I have not gotten to see him sing one cute song this year! Darn that job. Argh. Maybe my MIL taped it.

  4. Love it! I got my fill-in-the-blanks and hand print potholder this week!

    We did the box thing for Christmas and Gremlin has totally taken it over! It only fits a few Legos and a Hot Wheels car or two, anyway.

  5. HAHA, your favorite place is school!! Quinn made a beautiful box and his bum is pretty cute too!

  6. You so funny.

    Happy Mother's Day.


  7. I have a butt picture almost exactly like that--except 'Bot's in a giraffe costume (size 2yrs, even though he's 8). The weirdest things are kinda universal! Happy Mother's Day, by the way!

  8. That boy is too cute for words.

    Very clever with the flower recycling.

  9. I love the butt picture. It was a wonderful tea with out tea!

  10. Oh my gosh! Quinn - looks - older all of a sudden! What happened?

    And I love that he wants you to give him the box!

  11. I love this picture with Quinn's butt! He is an adorable kid! Sam and Jack are cute too!

  12. Sigh. A Stimey post never disappoints. This was fully awesome.

  13. Ah ha ha ha ha! That last picture is priceless!

    Quinn is looking so big lately. What is it with spring and kids' growth spurts?

  14. Love the 10 reasons they love you ...

    my own autistic kiddo filled out a list of 10 reasons he loves me, but only made it to 6 ...

    1. I love my mom because..... she bakes

    2. I love my mom because..... she loves (I think this is supposed to be because she loves me, but I'll take it!)

    3. I love my mom because..... she sings! (HAHAH!! why does he always tell me to "STOP SINGING MOMMY!" hehe)

    4. I love my mom because..... she kisses (again, think it's supposed to be, because she kisses me... lol)

    5. I love my mom because..... she takes me to the movies! (ah ha, I see now where his true priorities lie... he says that because there's a movie he wants to go see soon!)

    6. I love my mom because..... she packs my lunch! (LOL! The kid does indeed love to eat!)

    I have read a few of your posts!! LOVE THEM! :)


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