Two Faces of a Field Trip

Face One: The Facts

Today Quinn’s class went on a field trip to a nearby nature center. We were really lucky that it wasn’t raining because we walked there. We were also really lucky that it wasn’t 106 degrees because it is May in the DC Metro area and it could well have been. I was co-oping in the class today, so I did some kiddie wrangling. Quinn and I brought up the rear.

Quinn is kind of a pokey puppy.

The kids got to see a presentation about amphibians and reptiles, then they went on a walk where the guide showed them all kinds of signs of animal life, such as a snake hole, raccoon scat, and stripped bark on trees.

After all that, we took a few minutes to watch the turtles before we walked back to the school.

About a minute after we got back inside the school, it started to rain. Nice timing.

Smiles and sunshine.

Face Two: The Truth

It turns out that Quinn and I still weren’t feeling entirely up to snuff, so we were both a little whiny on the walk to the nature center, me inwardly, Quinn outwardly. It was a lot chillier than I expected it to be, and I still have some chills from the ague. (I love, by the way, that I sent some of you to your dictionaries for that. It’s kinda one of my favorite words. Confession: I don’t know how to pronounce it.)

Quinn, who is much like me in that he is always cold (and whiny), was wearing shorts. He was a trooper on the way to the nature center and happily sat through the lecture on amphibians and reptiles. When the naturalist brought a salamander container (with a salamander inside, of course) near him, Quinn said happily, “He said hi to me! Did he say hi to me? He said hi to me!”

That enthusiasm quickly dissolved when we ventured outside for our walk, which was, you know, outside. Quinn and I did a little Carry me!/No, you have to walk! back and forth for a while before Quinn finally settled into a miserable little shuffle, attached to my thigh.

He was full of little exclamations of misery including, “I want to go home!” “I’m sad!” and my personal favorite, “I’m going to die.”

We might have chosen the wrong day to head back to school.

20 thoughts on “Two Faces of a Field Trip

  1. That last one is the best little growly face EVER. Quinn, you are adorable when you’re aggrieved.

  2. We always pronounced it egg-you. Though sometimes, I think to think of it as “og”, because I think is sounds creepier that way.

  3. I have to admit, the more I read about Quinn, the more I like that little guy! He is so funny. That last picture is so full of cuteness it’s just ridiculous.

  4. I think if we say “ague” like we’re french it will sound way cool, ay-geu. But yes I agree, Shit and Hell that it’s not “the aigg”.

  5. Now you’ve sent me scurrying for my dictionary too! I knew what it was, but always thought it rhymed with “plague”. I stand corrected. (If you like, you can imagine me practising it in my NooZilnd accent which you would probably find cute).
    I hope you’re both feeling better now.

  6. Oh that last picture just makes me heart hurt. Poor little guy did not look like he was having a good time at all.

    I was hoping to hear about the evil Ostrich hell-beast…was that on the same trip?

  7. Oh my goodness, he looks so “i wanna go home” in that last pic. Ok, your kid was in shorts, so now I don’t feel so bad sending mine with only a pullover and no jacket. :) I was feeling pretty bad when mine said he was too cold!

  8. t a minute, my girls aren’t the only one’s who play the “I’m going to die”card? WTH do these kids thinks and who are they all learning it from? Which toy is sending them subliminal messages at night?

  9. I so love how you write! You can make anything interesting. I can totally relate to the field trip thing because since my kids are in their last week of school, it’s been field trip bonanza around here. And yes, death always seems imminent to at least one kid at some point during walking field trips…

  10. Oh NO! I’m so sorry that you guys weren’t feeling well….I feel so bad that you co-oped for me. Hope today is a better day for you!

  11. He looks a bit tubercular to me, but then again, I’m no physician.

    Ya’ll are the most field-trippin’ group I know of…yep, I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a prep.

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