Welcome to Mudville

I know I haven’t been around these parts for a few days. This week is a little ca-razy for me. I’m slammed and may not be around much for a few days. But not to leave you hanging, I thought I would share some images from our weekend, which was one of the first really warm, wonderful weekends of the summer thus far. It was so warm, in fact, that we pulled out the sprinkler both Saturday and Sunday.

Lest you think my children continued to engage in that good, clean fun, I present to you the following photo:

This is where Sam made mud to take the “clean” out of “good, clean” fun. I’m going to take this moment to direct you to one of my very early posts, which is also about the subject of mud. It is one of my favorites of all time: I’d Like an Order of Mud, With a Side of Toddler. That will prepare you for what came next. I should have known where this mud-scapade was headed.

Fortunately, no matter how dirty you get, in Stimeyland there is always a sibling available to hose down your butt.

Somehow this next photo of Jack doesn’t really convey quite how dirty he really was.

However, the photo of Quinn really does get that message across.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Mudville

  1. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! I think they both look lovely covered in mud! ;) I remember, fondly, playing in the drainage ditches as a kid – mud to the knees!

  2. Oh, look at little baby Quinn! That’s so cute! (Um, I’m talking about the old pictures. I mean, he’s still cute, just less rounded and baby-like.)

    And now I’m reading your archives. Stalky, stalky!

  3. My sister and I used to spend hours making mud pies. I don’t remember getting dirty doing it, but I think we probably ended up looking like your boys do here! Such memories make a childhood sweet – especially hosing down a sibling, great fun!

  4. I love these pics! Quinn and Jack are so cute with the mud on them!
    They had a lot of fun there!

  5. Love these pics! Quinn is so cute playing in the mud! I love this kind of play and fun!

  6. Love these pics! Quinn is so funny with the mud on him! They certainly had lots of fun!

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