Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp Stimey Summer 2010 Official Kick-off!

This year's summer vacation is 74 days long. Not that I'm counting or anything. We're five days down, which means we have 69 days to cram in all the summer fun you can stomach!

Per usual, summer round these parts means Camp Stimey, our home-grown theme-of-the-week Team Stimey camp. I have some great ideas for themes this summer, many of which came from you. I haven't had a chance to put together a schedule for myself, which is Step One, so all I can do is tease you with phrases such as Human Body Week and Ecology Week and Where Does Our Food Come From Exactly? Week. Maybe we'll even have a High Culture Week.

And don't forget Colonial Week, which is this week. We celebrated the start of Colonial Week by reading a book about Jamestown. And then going to the mall. Weak, I know. But on Wednesday we're actually going to go to Jamestown with Joeymom. Hooray! I'm sure chaos will ensue.

I have some great ideas this summer for Camp Stimey Meet-ups, which involve YOU! Well, those of YOU in the DC Metro area. I am also going to try to set up Camp Suggestions so you can play along at home if you want. Those will go up as part of CSCA (Camp Stimey Coming Attractions) Sundays. I'll also be posting summaries on CSSS (Camp Stimey Saturday Summary) Saturdays. That way, you can play along one week late! Perfect for procrastinators!!

I have another fun announcement for y'all. (Or for the one of you who has expressed interest in this.)

2010 marks the first year of the Official Camp Stimey T-Shirt!! You can get one for your camper or for you—Counselor of the Year!

Now, I'll admit that while I do have a bit of a swelled head, I don't necessarily believe that y'all want to wear Camp Stimey t-shirts. I believe that I will sell one, maybe two, my mom. (Mom, don't feel that you have to buy one either.)

While the Camp Stimey t-shirts are available in my Printfection store, I am willing to customize shirts for your own camp. Are you running Camp Banshee? Camp Lumpyhead? Camp Sweatshop? Let me know if you want me to switch out "Stimey" for your own personal ridiculous nickname. Email me for details. The stars are on the back and there is a small Stimeyland logo on the front.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Have you always wanted to show your love for all things Stimey, but just didn't know how? Well now you can get weird looks because you're wearing a t-shirt with a giant, semi-unidentifiable rodent on the front!

That's the pontificating gerbil to you.

If that's not enough to prove that you fly your quirk flag, the back says, "Get your quirk on."

 I don't think I accidentally stole anyone's tagline. Fingers crossed!

Now, before you all feel like I'm pressuring you to buy merchandise, please don't. I designed them to get Camp Stimey t-shirts for my kids and then decided to make myself a Stimeyland t-shirt while I was at it.

Anywho. Camp Stimey Colonial Week will continue tomorrow with a trip to the cinema to see The Karate Kid. Don't ask me how these things work, alls I know is that a trip to the movies was on the syllabus that I was handed.

I'll let you know how Jamestown goes. Rumor has it that it's going to be 100 fucking degrees, so I'm hopeful that there will be little to no whining. Wish us luck!

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