Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of an Era, in True Quinn Fashion

I officially no longer have a preschooler. Quinn's last day of school was today. At his school, the last day of the 4's class means preschool graduation end-of-the-year-celebration!

Quinn was incredibly excited!!

Alex was sitting in the front row and Quinn kept trying to climb into his lap. I'm pretty sure Alex bribed him into sitting in his chair because when Quinn wandered back to his chair mid-celebration, he did so while shouting, "You mean like gum?"

He sat, but he wasn't happy about it.

For the record, my kids aren't allowed to eat gum. If I could stop Alex from doing it, I would. Ick.

Quinn did perk up after he got his certificate and we adjourned to the food part of the celebration. I don't know who brought the cookies with each child's name piped onto them in icing, but to whomever it was, thank you!

Quinn was delighted.

I kind of feel like I was graduating too because I have spent almost as much time at that damn school as he has. It's a co-op school and, after six years there, I feel like I could singlehandedly run the place.

Quinn staked out a spot on the floor and proceeded to eat every chocolate chip cookie he could find, foregoing even the cupcakes.

Seriously, he laid there for probably 40 minutes.

Just before we left, the teacher gave all of the parents packets of our kids' work from throughout the school year, with one last interview with them on the front.

In case you were wondering (or in case you're my mom):

My name is Quinn.
I am 5 years old.
My color of eyes are blue, I think.
My color of hair is gold.
I hve no sisters.
I have 2 brothers.
I have a pet mice, a dog, 2 cats, and one is mean. It's Denali. Denali is so mean.
I love school because I get to play with magnets. Jack loves magnets.
My favorite color is light green.
My favorite food is peanut butter and honey.
My favorite movie is Penguins of Madagascar.
I love to go to school.
I am good at video games. Super Mario Galaxy 2.
I love being me because I love my gold hair.

In case you're wondering, Quinn gets a lot of attention for his hair.

Quinn's teacher has the kids draw pictures of themselves on the first day of every month. At the end of the year, she gives them all to us. This was Quinn's picture on the first day of the school year:

He'd never even drawn a stick figure.

Here is his picture on the first day of June. It's Mario Brothers based.

It's no Picasso or anything, but at least there are recognizable shapes.
Come to think of it, it kind of is Picasso-like.

So long to another chapter in my and Quinn's life. He's been there at least to pick up his brothers, literally since he was a week old. It'll be weird to not be going there every day.


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