Monday, June 28, 2010

It Turns Out My Weekend Was Packed and Long—But Not As Long As This Post

Oh, hi! I feel like I haven't been here for a while. How have you been?

(Message from the Future Stimey that just finished writing this post: This turned out to be very long. Don't you wish I were less verbose? Anyway, just a warning that you should save this post for later if your kid is about to wake up from a nap or something.)


I'm terribly sorry that I missed posting my Camp Stimey Saturday Summary and Camp Stimey Coming Attractions because I was too busy, but let me recap here for you so you don't feel totally abandoned.

Camp Stimey Saturday Summary (on Monday): We went to Jamestown with Joeymom and then did various barely Jamestown-related things.

Camp Stimey Coming Attractions: I have no idea what we're doing this week. Am slacker.

There you go.


One of the reasons I haven't been around is because we had friends come into town to see Phish at Merriweather. Actually, it's more complicated than that with various meet-ups, and Alex's trips out of town for other shows, and complicated scheduling issues, and an extremely crowded New Jersey ferry, evidently, but what it boiled down to was that I got to see my friends when they came to my house on Saturday and I got to go to a show on Sunday.

It was awesome. Although I have been to dozens of Phish shows, I haven't been to one in six years. It was a great show. I was very happy to be there. Our seats, however, were unfortunately situated in an actual fucking sauna. It was really, really hot.

But totally worth it.


Speaking of hot, we got a swimming pool. We don't join a pool because I am afraid of, you know, the drowning, but my kids love to be in water, so we have to have a wading pool. Ours "broke" (and by "broke," I mean "Alex lost the plug for it") last summer, so we had to get a new one.

I searched online all over and finally decided that if I went to a store and stood in front of the pools I'd be able to make a decision: Hard plastic? Inflatable? The $150 pool that is 12 feet across and four feet deep? There were many criteria: What if the pool doesn't fit in my car? What if the pool pops? What about, you know, the drowning?

It turns out that looking for a pool in the store is exactly like looking for a pool online except for the fact that there are three children running around you screaming, "I want this one! Can we buy that? Hey, look at the Toy Story 3 display over there!"

We ended up with an inflatable pool and I am convinced that it will pop almost immediately, but it was $30, so if I can make it last most of the summer then we're okay.

They're playing Stimey Cup Soccer.

Apparently I chose the correct pool, as it was very calming.

Where do you think he learned this? Not from me.
I'm the least calm person in the world.

Then he taught his brothers.

I swear. I should just leave Sam in charge all the time.
I'd never be able to get them to do that.

While my kids were developing their Ch'i, I was getting attacked by a vicious praying mantis.

Yes, I realize it's a baby, but do you see his attack stance?

I spent a long time taking his photo with varying degrees of (non) success and then gave up and spent some time chatting on the phone with my mom. At which point the thing tried to run up my leg under my pants.

I'm sure my mom's hearing will be recovering any day now. (Also, I didn't kill him.)

 He's cute until he tries to enter you vaginally.


This weekend also saw the last game of Sam's baseball season. He was part of this great rookie team that was completely focused on learning about the game and good sportsmanship. They didn't even keep score at games. It was awesome.

Sam is now officially in love with baseball. Unfortunately, the photo below isn't as good as if he were wearing his baseball pants. Sadly, because Alex has been out of town so much lately and Alex does our laundry (hey, ladies, don't be haters), we couldn't find Sam's pants.

The really sad thing is that he is also commando here.

Any season where you get a medal is a good one, according to Sam.

He's really proud. As he should be. He did great.


Can you believe I'm still not done with our weekend activities? Quinn had a birthday party to go to on Sunday as well. It was at some sports club that had the most bad ass kids' room I've ever seen.

Quinn proved himself to be a rockstar on the climbing wall.

He's about a foot off the ground in this photo, but he did make it to the top.

He was really good at climbing this thing. And check out his left calf muscle in this photo. He's hard core. He also really enjoyed hurling himself backwards off of the wall onto the soft padded floor. NO FEAR!

Unfortunately, he was extremely distressed about the rest of the party. You know how there's always one kid at any birthday party who's irrationally angry and then sad and then angry again, with a little bit of assholery thrown in? That was Quinn at this party.


Well, that was my weekend. (Don't tell anyone, but the pool-buying expedition was actually on Friday.)

Anyway, since I haven't given you any mouse updates lately, I thought I'd let you know that all five of them are still alive (knock on wood! knock on wood!). Take THAT, doubters!

Here is photo of Gerbil for you. I cleaned Mouse Town today and she spent about fifteen minutes just hanging out in this tube after I was done.

Frankly, it was a pretty poor hiding spot.


Sometimes don't you wish I was one of those bloggers who didn't feel the need to keep you updated on every last stupid thing in her life?


  1. I have a dumb question:  What happened to *this* pool ... ?

  2.  We still have that one. This post predates the awesome giant pool. I wrote this two summers ago.

    No dumb questions. :)


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