The Perfect Storm Kicked My Ass This Weekend

Oh, hi! Guess who has a sorely neglected blog? Also guess who was happy to get her unread posts in her Google reader to under 800? Hint: It’s the same person.

I was hit by a perfect story of busyness this weekend. Thank God for that third day of no school/no work for Alex, is all I can say.

(And by “no work,” I mean “no work outside the home,” lest the stay-at-home gods strike me down.)

Here’s the problem with maintaining jobs and interest in, like, a dozen different enterprises: Every once in a while they all have deadlines at the exact. same. time.

Consequently, I didn’t have any time to write this week/weekend.

Further consequently (it is too a cromulent phrase), now that I have a free few minutes, I have nothing to write about.

Don’t feel obligated to comment. I’m just letting you know that I still exist.

If you do feel like commenting, why don’t you let me know if you have suggestions for Camp Stimey topics for this summer. Last summer we did transportation, government, science, sports, and some other ones that I am too addled to remember.

The only topic I have so far is a week on the Human Body, which will include a day on Sexuality because I keep waiting for Sam to ask and he keeps not asking and I figure he needs to know because he’s almost nine.

You may not want to come to the Camp Stimey Meet-Up that day.

21 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm Kicked My Ass This Weekend

  1. I can’t make the meetup, but you must post about it. I too have been procrastinating re: The Talk. The other day my 7yo turned to my husband and said “you have good sperm, Dad, so we [meaning my 3 boys] must have good sperm too. So we’re OK.”

    Uhhhhhhhh,…..I think someone might have beaten me to some education. Time to remedy that. Except I’m pregnant w/ my 4th and I don’t want my son to look at me differently, and, well, you know. I’m interested to see how you handle it!

    And my Quinn is a few months younger than your Quinn.

  2. How about construction ? Visit different construction sites, observe the different machines, figure out the physics/mechanics that make them work, etc. Bring lunch in a cooler like the construction workers do. Compare/contrast road construction with building construction. The inter-county connector is being constructed just south of the Fairland Center and I’m sure you could find building construction just about anywhere. We have LOTS of construction over here near UMD.

  3. How about agriculture (with trip to farmers market – Bethesda has one on Thursday afternoons), recycling, and sustainability or green building?

  4. Hey, are we still doing history for Week 1 and heading to Williamsburg… or marine science and going to the Aquarium… or animals and going to the zoo… hey, did we ever decide?

    Weather was a great hit here last summer. I’d send you the posters I got but Joey insists keeping them up in his room. Space was the other big hit. Ditto for the materials (though you could come to my house and see the planets on his ceiling…)

  5. I haven’t gotten my registration forms for Camp Stimey yet. We are talking sleep-away camp, right? Right??

    Topics should include ecology and the horror that BP has wrought on the Gulf.

  6. How about if you do a week about our food and where it comes from? Not in a creepy visit to the chicken processing plants kind of way, but in a making home made pasta, planting veggies, visiting a farm kind of way. There’s a cool working farm in NoVA that specializes in educating kids that would make a good field trip.

  7. WOW! These are great ideas. I may have to start up Camp Here and Now.

    Also, I would like to be there on sexuality day. I think that’s going to be AWESOME.

    Long ago I told my kids exactly where the baby comes out, and ever so often one of them comes to me looking pensive and asks a technical question like “How does the vagina get so big” “Does it hurt?”. It’s super fun.

  8. Well, for the HUman Body week, you sould springboard off into medical technology/medicine week. You know, Madame Curie to Carl Zeiss and all that. (Erm, sorry, think we’ve spent too much time in hospitals, no?)

    Can’t wait to hear how you handle the whole sexuality issue. ;-)

  9. I know exactly how you feel. I try so hard to be better with commenting so people know that I actually AM reading… Not working out so well. And then when school is out for a couple of weeks it will all go downhill.

    My final IEP meeting for Oliver (we only got halfway through the first time and had to schedule another date) is next week so wish me luck!

  10. Seriously? He needs to know at almost nine? Good lord, I have my head in the sand. We are almost nine and the thought never occurred to me. Does Camp Stimey have open registration for the sexuality series? If so, we’re in.

  11. What about a country of interest? Then you can do history, culture, food, maybe a local event or something for each day of the week?

  12. Gridlock? You could sit in traffic on your way to the Hill. A two-fer on gridlock, right there.

    Chemistry? See the effect alcohol has on the brains of Stimey and an unnamed associate. (We take the munchkins to a Hill dive bar. Drink. Make Alex come pick us all up and drive us home.)

    See? I’m full of the good ideas.

    Well. “Good.” “Ideas.”

  13. Robots. Gardening. Woodworking.(Good for math)Random things from the library week-use a random number generator and get it to give you a call number. Go to the library and whatever is under that number is what you study.

  14. My reader is still crowing about 1000+ unread items. Camp Stimey needs a road trip. Hey—if Team Kennedy can make it to GA and back, you gotta try it. ;-) In any case, I am reiterating my promise to butt in and join a CS event at some point this summer.

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