Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Show and Tell

Jack (I):

Jack officially has the best teacher in the whole entire world. I wrote a note to her telling her that we would pay to replace the rocker. Alex wrote a note to ask her if he and Jack could try to fix it. They came back with thank yous for offering to fix it and said that this was a great idea.

Plus, his teacher responded to his note with a note of her own.

"Dear Jack, Thank you for your note. I know you did not mean to! The next time you feel you need to jump, Ms. B or I will take you for a walk and you can jump all you want! ♥ You are my very special friend. I ♥ you! Love, Mrs. P."

Anybody else crying yet?

Jack (II):

The elementary school had a combined art show/science fair the other night. Sam's seascape was on display. Also on display was Jack's cityscape, which I think is amazing. The art teacher there is fabulous.

I especially like that he included a car crash.

Jack's note about his art: "I made a cityscape cologe. The weather in my city is partly sunny. Me and my mom are going to the chocolate factory. The chocolate factory is made of cement."

Sam (I):


You read that word and were either really excited or rolled your eyes. I am of the first school. Alex is of the second. I think Sam lands squarely in the first camp. He's been working hard writing a report about velociraptors—and kudos to him for picking the most bad ass of the dinosaurs, by the way—so he was very happy when I told him that we had toy dinosaurs that he could use.


There are two velociraptors in there, but I LOVE the pterodactyl at the top.

My only criticism is that he refused to build a volcano out of clay like I wanted him to. I think I must have taken this picture prior to him painting the clay green with blue ponds. It looks even better now.

(Leading you to ask, perhaps, why I don't go take another photo. It's all the way in the other room, see, and I would have to carry my camera and then upload the photo, and jeez, do you see the conundrum?)

Sam (II):

We have this fun little book called Library Lion. It's a good book. It's so good, in fact, that despite the fact that we have a copy, Sam, Jack, and I have each checked the book out of various libraries without remembering we have it at home because it looks so compelling.

Unfortunately, when Sam checked it out, it got lost. Aside from the fact that we clearly really like the book and would like to keep it, our copy doesn't have its dust jacket, so we have to buy a new copy to send in to the school.


Also? When we do find the library copy, that will mean we'll have two copies of the book.

Big sigh.

Quinn (the only):

Lest you look at Quinn's blond hair and blue eyes and worry that he's not actually related to me, I present to you what he did yesterday without any coaching from me.

Rodent photography must run in the family.

The Cursed Dog (I can't bring myself to write her jerky little name right now):

I need you to reassure me that opossums are really good at playing dead. Please? Because if they're not, my goddammed dog just killed one about five minutes ago. I feel a little sick.


  1. Man, is it wrong that the only thing I noticed about the (very sweet) note from Jack's teacher is that she used the wrong "too"? I thought it was sweet of you to fix her error in your explanation. Man, I gotta stop being so critical of everything!

  2. ME TOO! I felt so very bitchy and wrong pointing out that error. But now I feel free because NGS said it first. I think y'all are really nice about the chair. I feel that I might shrug and shuffle off to second grade while saying nothing to the teacher.

    Also hahahahahaha about the dog and the dead rodent! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Gross. Cassidy CRACKS me UP!

  3. Also, Opossums really do play dead. Once my dog treed one on our fence and it stood there pretending to be dead while my husband poked it with a stick. It was creepy and ugly.

  4. opposums are really good at playing dead. My dog has wrangled two that I know of and both looked very dead. Both wobbled away. I know this because the second time I was determined to see it unfake its deadness. I stared at its dead beady eyes for what seemed like hours. Suddenly it snapped to, looked around like WTF?, and then hobbled off unscathed.

  5. 'possums definitely play dead. For like, hours sometimes. Very often when there is a dog or other predator around. I know this not from experience but from reading about them.

    The ugliest little buggers around. Poor things.

  6. From tears to blowing snot over the last bit there. This post was a roller coaster!

  7. I want to see a mice vs. dino picture. Can you put some in the diorama and take a close-up? Thanks.


  8. The pterodactyl (or are we meant to call them pteranodons now?) in the diorama is extremely cool. Well done Sam! Jack's teacher is clearly lovely, and has got your message :-)
    Your family are all talented artists, too. If I were you, I would have run out of wall space by now.

  9. All three of your boys are awesome. I particularly like the rodent photography.

  10. I absolutely love Jack's description of his cityscape. The cityscape itself is also really excellent.

  11. I love:

    1. the teacher's note, even though it makes me feel unsettled when teachers mess up too/to or whatevs (this despite the fact that I MYSELF occasionally have a typo in this category even though I have the differences DOWN COLD and even know the tricky its/it's).

    2. the dinosaur on a string.

    3. rodent photography.

  12. So glad that there is a wonderful resolution to the rocking chair situation! All the art is gorgeous and I'm sorry about the dog!

  13. Awesome post! The note from his teacher is really a testament to you and your ability to be a wonderful advocate for your son (and to the teacher for being able to hear what Jack needs). Fixing the rocking chair is such a great resolution for everyone! I love Quinn taking pics. Awesome art. Not so awesome opposum. Hope it is not really dead. Hampy killed a baby bunny last summer...sooooo gross! If it is dead, make Alex take care of it. You do enough already.

  14. It would be really something for Cassidy to actually kill a opossum. But they are apparently tasty when slow-roasted with a little BBQ sauce.

    The diorama (I'm in the "gets excited" camp) Sam did looks wonderful! And Jack's cityscape! And now you have a photographer! Three little artists! How exciting!

  15. I love that Jack's teacher hearts him!

  16. Like NGS, I too noticed the wrong "to".

    We love Library Lion too - I think I bought it, fittingly, at the library book sale last year.

    And, you didn't really need that opossum.

  17. Why would a library have a dust jacket on a book they check out? I would just send in your copy and figure you did them a favor by getting rid of something that will just get all ripped up anyway.

  18. I heart Jack's teacher. That note is awesome.

    My favorite part of Jack's cityscape is that you seem to be pointing at the car crash as if to say "OMG a car crash but let's not stop us from going to the cement chocolate factory!"

    Opossums can play dead really well and for a really long time too. Are there guts and stuff hanging out though? Because they can't play dead that well.

  19. I love Jack's cityscape. Actually - I'm really impressed... Particularly how he includes action (the car crash).

  20. Of course, this means you have to post the mouse photos he took:)


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