Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Long, DC Metro Moms Blog

Many of you have probably heard by now that the DC Metro Moms Blog, its parent group, SV Moms Group, and all 13 of its sister sites will close as of the end of June.

I just got this news yesterday and I was kind of blown away. Of course, there have been a flurry of emails and tweets about how to keep this wonderful DC resource alive. News on that may be coming.

All I know for sure is that I will miss this incredible group. I started writing for DC Metro Moms when it started. A lot of my history is there. The writers who are currently involved, and who have written for the site in the past, are amazing. Reading their words, meeting them in person, and becoming friends with some of them has seriously rocked my world.

Under the impression that the sites would actually come down in July, I spent much of the day transferring my posts from there over to my personal blog. Now it looks like the sites will stay up (yay!), but there will just be no new posts. Unfortunately, this news came to me after I manually transferred all NINETY-THREE posts I've written there to Stimeyland.

If you're interested in reading those posts (and might I suggest that you may not want to do it in one sitting, because did I mention that there are 93 of them?), you can find them here with the label "DC Metro Mom post." You'll also be able to identify them by the fact that each of them has "DCMM" in the title line.

This is the second blogging community I've been a part of that has shut down semi-suddenly. (The first was Trusera.) I print out all of my posts, but it's nice to have them online, so I'm happy to have them over here. At Trusera, I lost all the electronic versions, including comments.

I reread some of them as I was moving them over. Wow. What a trip down memory lane. I wrote a lot of them back before Jack had a diagnosis. Sam had just started kindergarten. Quinn was two.

I wrote a lot about the school system and autism. I wrote about why I didn't attend Obama's inauguration. I wrote a post about starting Camp Stimey, which I called Camp Here and Now. I wrote at least two posts about raking leaves. I wrote about a whole lot of things.

DC Metro Moms Blog, I'll miss you. I really will.

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