Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We've Been Busy

It has been an eventful few days here in Stimeyland. We've kicked off summer with a bang.

Perhaps most importantly (oh, I kid), today is my birthday.  Thanks to everyone who pointed out how old I am. Especially Alex, who wrote in his birthday card to me that I've known him for nearly half of my life. Of course, his math was off and that isn't true, but he included some nice sentiments along with his errant math. And he wrote it in a card with a monkey on it, so he's forgiven. Not to mention that I got at least two cards with rodents on the front. They made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Thanks also to all my Twitter and Facebook friends who sent happy birthday wishes. I spent my day feeling very loved.


On Sunday, Alex and I went to see Cats. Have you seen Cats? It was bizarre and a half. What the hell happened in that show? There were cats and then there were cats wearing crazy outfits and then there was that one song I recognized and then the cats acted out a play and then the head cat was stolen and brought back and then the "glamorous" cat, who was really quite dingy, mounted a contraption that lifted her into the heavens, but she eventually came back.

I didn't get it.

And what the hell is a Jellicle Cat?


The best thing we've done so far is go to the Pet-A-Pet event put on by the Kiwanis Club of Washington. This was an amazing, completely free event for kids with special needs. They had a moon bounce, pony rides, animals to pet, face painting, and free food. They even very specifically didn't publicize it too much so that there wouldn't be overwhelming crowds and long lines for the fun. It was amazing. If you're looking for a service club to join and you live in the DC area, check these people out. They do some good work.

Like provide ponies for kids with disabilities to ride on:

If that photo isn't good enough for you, here's a close up of the joy.

Even siblings could take part in the fun:

One of my readers (hi, Catherine!) saw my boisterous munchkins monopolizing the moon bounce and came over to say hello. Very cool.

We all liked the animals. One of the chickens even laid an egg. Quinn was super delighted by that and desperately wanted to touch it. Not being allowed to manhandle freshly lain offspring, he made do with this duck.

Jack was happy to learn that goats aren't very smart and even though they were standing on ample grazing fodder, they would still come over to the fence to eat the handful that he picked from the greener side of the fence.

It was about a million degrees, so we were very happy to eat the sno-cones that were on hand.

I don't have anything to say about this next photo. I just like it.

It was a really great day. Thanks, Kiwanis! Some days I am really awed by the good that people put into the world.


So, that's what we've been up to. Tomorrow: Jamestown! Joeymom says that it's only supposed to be 99 degrees there tomorrow. She recommends I bring a sweater.

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