Monday, July 12, 2010

Building Collapse Threatens Many, Injures None

Mouse Town, Maryland (7/12/10) — Chaos gripped the small burg of Mouse Town today when one of the city's largest apartment buildings and gathering points was struck with a devastating roof collapse.

The popular Tiki Hut Residences, which has been teetering on the edge of destruction for weeks now, finally succumbed to the forces of gravity and tiny mouse teeth, causing a cave-in of epic proportions. Search and rescue teams quickly arrived at the scene of the disaster to search for victims.

Brave rescue workers combed the wreckage today.

While the damage was hyper-local, panic swept through Mouse Town as the city's residents scrambled to make sure their loved ones were safe. Eyewitness reports state that the collapse took place shortly after the Tiki Hut was returned to Mouse Town after a thorough habitat cleaning.

Other structures were checked for safety immediately after the first collapse.

Suddenly homeless residents of the Tiki Hut were forced to build temporary housing as an ad hoc refugee camp was erected in the more stable side of town.

Conditions in the shantytown were cramped.

Aid resources and building supplies are being rushed to the site of the refugee camp, but with little available other than paper shavings and food pellets, the likelihood of new construction is slim.

"I lost everything!" sobbed local resident Gerbil.

Even amidst the devastation, the best of mousemanity was evident as neighbors in the Woodland Get-A-Way, also known as The Castle, welcomed survivors of the Tiki Hut collapse.

"As long as mice are in need, we will be here," according
to The Castle resident Squeaky.

Soon after the remains of the Tiki Hut were deemed safe, former residents could be found searching through the rubble for personal belongings.

Tiki Hut dweller Scabbers searches for that
sunflower seed she stashed here last week.

Former Tiki Hut resident Gerbil commented to a reporter, "You never quite think it's going to happen to you. We will rebuild though. The spirit of Mouse Town cannot be crushed."

"Plus, it's really our own stupid fault for chewing through the support beams," she continued.

Friends help devastated refugee Gerbil as she scans the damage.

Residents of Mouse Town are hoping for quick aid from outside sources, known here primarily as The Giant Head. When contacted, The Giant Head indicated a willingness to help, but said that she was limited in the immediacy of aid due to the hours of aid warehouse Petco and the cooperation of at least three other outside entities, generally referred to as The Slightly Less Giant Heads.

Reports continue to come in on reconstruction efforts, mostly in the form of squeaks and scampering feet.

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