Sunday, July 18, 2010

CSCA*: Week Four—Simple Machines Week!

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions

I'm pretty excited about this coming week. We'll be studying simple machines, which I am going to go look up on the internet right now.

Okay. They are: (1) lever, (2) wheel and axle, (3) pulley, (4) inclined plane, (5) wedge, and (6) screw.

I'm glad I looked them up because I thought there were seven of 'em.

We're going to do one a day with the exception of, oh, let's say, the inclined plane and wedge. Maybe we'll do those together.

Obviously I'm a little behind in my planning. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow while Jack is at school. Then we can go to Home Depot for some simple machine shopping.

Camp Stimey's meet-up this week is actually somewhere that I can reasonably expect people to show up: the National Building Museum in DC! We'll be there this Friday at 2 p.m.

Anyone who wants to come is welcome. We already have some campers signed up! It should be a lot of fun. The Building Museum is fabulous and it's literally steps away from a Metro stop. And, OMG! I just saw when I went to look for the link to the museum that there is a Lego Architecture Exhibit! We might never leave.

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