Sunday, July 4, 2010

CSCA*: Week Two—Where Does Our Food Come From Week!

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions

This week is going to be Where Does Our Food Come From? Week at Camp Stimey. Thanks to Jenni who suggested this with the following comment on one of my posts:

"How about if you do a week about our food and where it comes from? Not in a creepy visit to the chicken processing plants kind of way, but in a making home made pasta, planting veggies, visiting a farm kind of way."

Okay. So no trips to the slaughterhouse, but maybe a trip to the farm? I have some thoughts about maybe taking a trip to a farmer's market this weekend and perhaps a visit to Whole Foods where we can learn about exactly where each cut of meat comes from by reading the signs on the butcher case.

I think we're going to make homemade butter and maybe some other foods, but I'm not quite sure about this yet.

Can you tell that I'm kinda winging this CSCA? I'm mostly posting it because I feel bad that it's, you know, JULY, and I have yet to really plan anything substantial. July is extra hard for us because Jack is in school every morning, so all of our activities have to be in the afternoon, which makes it hard to plan epic trips.

Hard, but not impossible. Especially if you're registered at Camp Stimey.

I'm still researching exactly what we're going to be doing this week, but I think it will include at least one farm visit. Monday is going to be Hang Out With Daddy in the Garden Day because it wouldn't be Camp Stimey if we didn't take full advantage of federal holidays and days that Alex is home. They might go swimming too. Perhaps they can pretend to be fish on a fish farm.

Tuesday, we are going to go blueberry picking. Then I am going to force my mother to make us a blueberry pie. Also, I have library books that are due, so maybe we'll find books about food.

Wednesday we are going to mumblemumblemumble...

Thursday, my mother leaves from BWI, so we might visit a Baltimore-area farm after we drop her off. I'm thinking Clark's Elioak Farm.

Friday will be Camp Stimey 2010's first Camp Stimey Meet Up! We'll be visiting a farm in the afternoon, shortly after Jack gets home from school, so maybe around 1 p.m. I'm still trying to figure out which farm will be best, but if you are interested in meeting us at a DCish-area farm, let me know and I'll make sure you get the info on where we are going. All are invited!

How's that for winging it? Now I'm tired from all the July 4th chasing around of the children and the fireworks and the trying to pretend like I'm running a summer camp here, so I'm going to bed.

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