Monday, July 26, 2010

The End Is Nigh

So really. Enough already. First the Snowpocalypse, then an earthquake in DC, not to mention the collapse of the Tiki Hut. Now a TORNADO in Maryland?

There was, like, a 20-minute storm here yesterday that has wreaked havoc like you wouldn't believe.

All was well and then all of a sudden there were tornado warnings all over twitter and suddenly there was torrential rain and thunder and my dog trying to crawl under my desk, which was fine, except my legs were already there.

Shortly after that, the power went out, causing the dog to paw frantically at my lap and then, weirdly, at one particular atlas shelved under an end table.

"What's that, Cassidy? There's trouble in the Gulf Coast?"

Alex and my kids were out in the storm, which was mildly concerning, considering I was getting email alerts that included phrases such as "life threatening" and "lie flat in a ditch."

Quinn had to be rescued from the birthday party he was attending, at which the moonbounces had all deflated and where bits of the building's roof were laying outside on the sidewalk, according to Alex, who did the rescuing.

He went into the building to find all the kids huddled in a circle in the center of the room. Suffice it to say, that birthday kid will no doubt remember the day as the worst birthday party ever.

Sitting home by myself, abruptly cut off from the copious amounts of work I have to do, I was left to do nothing but read, try to pet my manic dog, and ask twitter if it's okay to shower during a tornado warning.

Answer: an emphatic no.

Thanks for saving me from electrocution, twitter!

We still don't have power and likely won't for a while. The power company is referring to the outages as a potential "multi-day event," which is a pretty dispiriting thing to hear for those of us forced to blog from our cell phones.

Thank God it's not still 100 degrees out--it's only 90.

You may not see me here for a while, although cross your fingers that you do, because that means that my power will be back.

So, think of me when you're sleeping in your air conditioned homes, surfing the Internet with your actual Internet access, and eating your unspoiled food from your cold refrigerators.

Seriously, people. The sky is falling.

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