CSCA*: Week Four—Simple Machines Week!

* Camp Stimey Coming Attractions

I’m pretty excited about this coming week. We’ll be studying simple machines, which I am going to go look up on the internet right now.

Okay. They are: (1) lever, (2) wheel and axle, (3) pulley, (4) inclined plane, (5) wedge, and (6) screw.

I’m glad I looked them up because I thought there were seven of ’em.

We’re going to do one a day with the exception of, oh, let’s say, the inclined plane and wedge. Maybe we’ll do those together.

Obviously I’m a little behind in my planning. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow while Jack is at school. Then we can go to Home Depot for some simple machine shopping.

Camp Stimey’s meet-up this week is actually somewhere that I can reasonably expect people to show up: the National Building Museum in DC! We’ll be there this Friday at 2 p.m.

Anyone who wants to come is welcome. We already have some campers signed up! It should be a lot of fun. The Building Museum is fabulous and it’s literally steps away from a Metro stop. And, OMG! I just saw when I went to look for the link to the museum that there is a Lego Architecture Exhibit! We might never leave.

CSSS*: Week Three—Houseguest Week!

* Camp Stimey Saturday Sunday Summary

So it wasn’t exactly Camp Stimey, but we did do a lot of stuff and we had a whole lot of fun! My high school friend Mama Echo (who lives in Montana, by the way) dropped in (as you tend to do when you live more than halfway across the country) with her three kids to visit me.