Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One

Back to school went well today. I'll just put that out there so you know that all the worry and stress I had about this day was for naught. Of course, who knows what Day Two and Three and Fifty-Six and Ninety-Eight will bring, but Day One went well and I'm happy.

I'm actually a little worried because Jodi, Mel, and I were joking on twitter about how we were going to buy a pony for our kids to share if they all made it through the first week of school and now I'm afraid that I'm actually going to have to buy half of a pony.

I already called the left half. His name is Sparkles.

But back to the first day of school. We had two minor debacles this morning.

Debacle the first is that Quinn woke up with, and I kid you not, a zit in the middle of his chin.

What? Really. What? He's five and it was his first day of kindergarten. Shouldn't the zit have waited until his first day of junior high?

I'm sure it doesn't surprise you to hear that I held him down and squeezed it. He was slightly put out, but not too upset.

He recovered and was fully dapper by bus time.

For some reason, Alex had convinced all of them to wear Cal shirts so they matched. Also, just in case Sam and Jack weren't identical enough before...

Orchestrating this photo was like herding grasshoppers.

Sam and Quinn's bus departs from the bus stop around the corner before Jack's bus picks him up at our house, so I left Jack with Alex and took the other two up to the bus stop.

He looks so little. Sam watched out for him though.

Then I headed back home to help put Jack on his bus.

See how the dog is concerned that Sam and Quinn didn't come home with me?

Of course both buses were late, it being the first day of school. Unfortunately, Jack's bus had less time padding, seeing as how he is supposed to be picked up eight minutes before school starts, which led to debacle the second.

As the school start time approached and there was still no sign of the bus, I had a little mental fight with myself about what to do—enforce the routine of the bus or get him to school so he could start in his class at the same time as the rest of the kids.

I waited until school start time and then threw Jack in the car and sped him to school, getting there fast enough that I doubt he missed anything. Fortunately, Jack is usually pretty mellow about that kind of thing. Alex stayed and talked to the bus driver who assured him that the bus will be on time tomorrow.

After I returned home, I futzed around on the computer for a while and then realized that I had no idea what to do. Eventually I decided to take a nap. I'm not going to tell you how long I slept, but suffice it to say, I am WIDE awake now.

Jack's teacher sent me an encouraging email mid-day, which was awesome, and in a subsequent email told me that she was an after-school one-to-one for a kid with autism for two years when she was getting her master's degree.

Boo. Yah.

All three kids were happy and calm when they got home and played quietly for about an hour while I waited until they were ready for me to take them out for ice cream.

I consider Day One to be kind of a honeymoon. The reality of school sets in heavier as the days carry on. Jack will inevitably have some problems—as will my other kids. I'm not going to be able to nap all of my days away, what with actual work and real life to contend with.

But Day One? It was good.

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