Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jack's Spelling Sentences

My skin is glossy when it has lotion on it.

The zombies won't come to MY house.

I usually wear formal clothes at night.

I only have one chance to
finish my homework.

I'm not chubby, I'm adorable.

Did anyone order a knuckle sandwich?

I never ever disagree.

Never ever ever ever disobey.

I am NEVER dishonest!

I cuddle with my mom.

I trust my mom. I love her too.

My mom has beauty and I love her.

Please guess my name if you must.

Mocking machines copy your evry move.

My phone rang so many times it disconnected.

I never ever disagree.

Never ever ever ever disobey.

I need a LONG vacation. [techer answered "me too!"]

I hate subtraction so much.

I LOVE addition so much.

Transportation is worst for me.

I realize whiteout is near—it erases pen writing.

When Quinn is sick I sympathize with him.

I like drinking popsicle juice

You will get a sunburn if you don't bring sunscreen.

Don't play with fireworks or you will lose fingers.

Do not play with sparklers or you will get burned.

Mercy Watson is a porcine wonder.

Argh. I am totaly traumatized.

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