Monday, September 6, 2010

Furry Friends

Sunday morning Alex and I both started to worry about our cat Izzy. She's been a little different lately and both of us have been commenting on it, but for some reason, we woke up on Sunday and both of us had a feeling that we should take her to the vet.

This is Izzy:

I originally named her Isabella, but she wasn't sophisticated enough to pull it off.

Izzy is very important to us and can NEVER DIE. My kids adore her. Jack, in particular, adores her. I wrote about his relationship with her a couple years back, and although she is not as hale as she was at that time, she remains probably the second most important being to Jack, right after me and slightly before Alex.

I had to leave Izzy at the vet on Sunday because she is very sick. She has kidney problems. Severe kidney problems. And she's 14 years old. I'm worried about her. She's getting IV fluids, medicine, and blood tests until Tuesday and then we reevaluate.

Cross your fingers for her. Also, THANK GOD we have vet insurance for her.

Not to be too much of a downer, I will now present to you some mouse cuteness. You'll be happy to hear that I have managed to keep all five mice alive and well.

You may be baffled to note, however, that neither of our cats, nor our dog, seems to have noticed they exist.

I'll excuse this out of Izzy, because she is sick, but our other cat was eating some food on that counter directly outside Mouse Town and didn't notice them—even when Whiskers came right up to the edge and put her feet on the glass to investigate.

The mice don't seem overly concerned about the big animals either. That photo up above? This is what the mice are doing in it:

See how nervous they aren't?

Another thing the mice aren't, is tidy. I clean their cage probably every third day. Look what they did to it in that amount of time:

Also, goodbye to another tiki hut.

There is something about that tiki hut that they all love though. Even though there is a perfectly good structure over there on the left, they all shove their way into the overturned hut to sleep together.

(For those of you with mice phobias, this next photo might skeeve you out. For those of you who like mice, you will think it is adorable.)

All five of 'em.

I think it's cute that they're all snuggled together like that. Although I can't imagine that it's too comfy for bottom-dwellers, such as Gerbil.

Although I bet it's warm.

Here's something that distressed me though. Fresh off of leaving my faithful and loving cat at the vet for two days, I took this photo of adorable mouse feet only to be all, what the fuck are those bumps on her feet?

All my photography eventually woke her up.

Convinced something terrible was going on with my mice, I took to Google to look up mouse paws. Let me tell you, it is extremely difficult to find any good information on mouse feet online. There are lots of search results for computer mice, lab mice, and cartoon mice, but evidently not a lot of information on pet mice.

I did come up with some photos of mice feet affected by rheumatoid arthritis, which I will NOT subject you to, you're welcome very much. So now I'm afraid that my mice have arthritis, but I'm not sure how to get them to eat the Bayer aspirin necessary to combat it. (I'm kidding.) I'm guessing that she's fine (?) because her feet aren't red or swollen, not to mention that she hasn't yet purchased a cane.


Anyway, here is Mouse Town all fixed up:

 I cleaned it this morning and they've already knocked over their brand new tiki hut in an effort to destroy it.

Wish us luck with Izzy. I just found out that her blood work hasn't improved in the past 24 hours, which makes me sad. Hopefully I'll be back with something more amusing than mouse feet and sick cats soon.


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