Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eventually, I'll Be Putting Him in Charge of Alex As Well

Sam is in this crazy responsible phase. He sets his alarm for 6 a.m. every morning, gets up, eats his breakfast, and packs his lunch. Then he reads or plays a game until everybody else catches up. Tonight, I caught him creating breakfast menus for his brothers. I think that means I get to sleep in tomorrow.

I'm a little bit concerned that this is the beginning of an overthrow of the current household administration.

Regardless of imminent revolution, this is quite a delightful development. He has been stepping up in other ways as well. He has created a star chart for his brothers, complete with incentives for good behavior.

This star chart has been in action for a couple of weeks now and it finally occurred to me to ask what his brothers earn stars for. It turns out to be fairly innocuous (not, in fact, sowing the seeds of revolution for stars), with stars earned for doing chores and for reports of good behavior in school. I'm not sure how he is doing his data collection, but it seems to be keeping everyone happy, so I'm not going to question it.

The rewards include things such as "piggy back from Sam" or "you get to choose the TV show or movie," but by far the most coveted incentive is "sleepover in Sam's room."

See, Jack and Quinn share a room, and about three feet away, Sam has a room. Being given the go-ahead to travel that three feet after 8 p.m.? Well, that is apparently quite an honor.

Quinn was the first to score a sleepover. I could hear them through the door playing a card game for a little while, but then they settled down and went to sleep. Bonus: No perpendicular Quinn body in our bed at 5 a.m.!

That was all well and good until Jack earned a sleepover, leaving Quinn alone in his room sobbing. "I am so looooooonely in my room! I miiiiiiiiiissssss Jack!"

I told him he could sleep on the couch, which, ironically, is even farther away from Sam's room, but sometimes a change in venue helps. I wandered by about 20 minutes later to find the scene in the picture I featured yesterday but was too lazy to write the back story for.

If there were ever a child who needed constant, loving contact, it's this one.

Tonight, due to some hard work and cooperation on their parts, both Jack and Quinn earned a sleepover with Sam. I mean, I guess there was hard work involved. I don't know who verifies these things.

This sleepover was a little more noisy than prior sleepovers with just two of them, but they're all asleep now, so hooray. Jack and Quinn (and the giant monkey) are asleep on Sam's bed, and Sam is asleep on the floor.

It's hard being the leader. Also? The revolution will be blogged.

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