Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Break: Camp Stimey Didn't Come For Christmas

Well, winter break is over and we didn't do ANYTHING. Like, really, we didn't do a single damn thing.

I mean, we ate a lot of food and played with a lot of Legos and there were those HOURS we spent playing video games, but other than that...nothing.

Okay, I exaggerate a tiny bit. We did a couple of things. Went out a few times. Saw a couple of friends. I printed out all the blog posts and columns I wrote this year, three-hole punched them, and put them into two 3-inch binders. I took my kids to see Yogi Bear.

But there was, like, a four-day stretch when I didn't leave the house.

Alex did leave the house. He went to see Phish in New York on January 1st. In some crazy confluence of nerdiness and joy, it turns out that it was his 111th show. So he saw his 111th show on 1-1-11. Creepy, huh?

Granted, Santa and other gift givers gave my kids a bunch of craft stuff, which we made a pretty serious dent in. My friend, Mama Echo, gave my each of my kids a science kit, which tortured me for the entire week. Jack's gift, a simple machine kit, tortured me all day on Christmas, as he carried it around with him for the entire day and begged us to help him with it. Thanks for getting my kid something he loved, Mama Echo, but geez, did it have to be so labor intensive?

Jack. On Christmas. LEARNING. Nerd.

(I kid. We love the kits. Seriously, Home Depot should stock that simple machine one.)

I really don't have much more to tell you. The munchkins are back at school, which means that I have no excuse to not work...and clean...and go to the grocery store.

I really was ready to send my kids back to school, but going back to the grind is always better in theory than in reality. Big sigh. Okay, I'm going to go create a list for the grocery store and then (bigger sigh) actually go.

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