Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here We Go, Cheetahs, Here We Go!

Tomorrow morning Jack and I head out for his hockey tournament. It is the Special Hockey International Tournament, but don't make that an acronym, okay? For those of you who donated to Jack's hockey team earlier this year (and the team is always taking donations/looking for businesses who want to sponsor the team), you should know that your money helped subsidize a lot of really cool kids on their trip to Boston. Thank you. You are making a difference to these kids and families.

Okay, enough sincerity. Let the whining commence. Jack and I are going to Boston on the team bus. Yes, my pukes-whenever-the-wind-blows son and I are going to participate in a NINE-HOUR bus ride. I might have wanted to think about this a little more before I giddily signed us up in a fit of manic belief that THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER BUILDING EXPERIENCE FOR JACK! YES, LET'S GO ON THE BUS! LET'S GO ON THE BUS! LET'S GO ON THE BUS!

Also, our bus leaves at 7 a.m. tomorrow. I need to find a sport that takes place in the late afternoon. In a bar. Like billiards.

Anyway, Alex is in charge of Team Maryland and I am in charge of Team Barf All Over Boston for the next four days.

It is going to be AWESOME.

I plan to blog, photograph, tweet, facebook and eventually coherently put together a few thoughts in a respectable way the hell out of this weekend.

Wish us luck! GO CHEETAHS!

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