Friday, April 15, 2011

Nobody Mention This to Sam

So, a couple of you have mentioned that it is Friday, which of course is the day that we had to tell the highly gifted center if Sam would or would not be attending this fall.

I have a secret: We sent the form in last Wednesday, the day after I posted about our dilemma and you all were like, "Dude, suck it up and send him." I mean, we were going to do that anyway, but it was really nice that all of you came to pretty much the same conclusion we did.

Now—and this is the tricky part—nobody can tell Sam about this. I'm hoping that he won't notice on the first day of school that he's on a different bus and by the time he gets to school he will either swallow his feelings and soldier on or he will freak out and have to be sedated. Either way, I figure that by that point it will be the new school's problem.

What? Fine. *kicks at the dirt* We'll tell him this weekend. *makes sour face*

We have toured the school and liked it. Sam has toured the school and didn't seem horrified. One of Sam's friends will be attending the school with him. Sam will be able to return to his old school for all those evening events I love so much. We told Sam that if he gives the school a solid try and hates it that he can return to his old school. (What constitutes "a solid try" is currently being negotiated.)

But Sam still doesn't want to go to the new school. He is afraid that he will love it so much that he won't want to go back to his old school, which he also loves.

It is REALLY difficult to argue against that kind of statement.

We have told Sam that we were going to say yes to the program and this Sunday we are going to throw him a surprise party complete with gifts and cake to celebrate his acceptance. The always so smart Joeymom emailed me to say that she would love to celebrate his success and get him a gift to congratulate him on getting into the school ( not necessary, but awwww, so nice) and in my head I was all, "I should just hand my kids over to her now, because...DUH."

Alex and I have been tiptoeing so carefully that it never occurred to us to do the complete opposite thing. Now, I AM aware that this could completely backfire, but the tiptoeing thing didn't work, so maybe this will. And if it does backfire? At least we'll have cake.

Sunday afternoon: It is either going to be SPECTACULAR or SPECTACULARLY BAD. I'm hoping for the first. Cross your fingers for us.

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