Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things on My Mind

Petit fours: They're adorable, but two out of three kids will spit them out into my hand.


I bought this pink cat dish for my cat Izzy a few weeks ago. It was the only one the store had, so I wasn't able to buy two, which is really necessary so I can use one while washing the other.

Today I went back to Petsmart and found the same dish, only this one said, "WOOF" on it. I decided to go ahead and buy it regardless of that and the fact that it has little dog bones on the side because, frankly, Izzy can't read.


Sam got into a special program for highly gifted kids for 4th and 5th grade, which means he would go to a different school next year if we agree to send him. And, yes, I have all kinds of baggage about this whole thing and how much of a jerk I sound like calling my kid "highly gifted," and if the other kids don't get into the center are we being total assholes and telling them that they're not awesome, and also I really do get that different kids learn differently and kids on this end of the learning spectrum have special needs too and, well, urgle burgle.

Sam really doesn't want to go. Alex and I think that the school will be really good for him and also we think that he will really love it once he gets there. We know that we are the parents and we get to make decisions that will help our kids become the best people they can be.

But this is the first time that our feelings and Sam's feelings are so opposed to each other for something that is a big deal.

We have to decide by Friday.


My favorite gift that I got Alex this past Christmas is this guy:

I will call him Claude.

With such an awesome little guy on which to rest your glasses during the day, would you go to work and leave THIS at home?

All I did was articulate in a speech bubble what was surely going on in Claude's head.

"I can't see! Where are my glasses!?!"

Alex says he thinks I have too much time on my hands.


Alex also says that he would like to spend a day inside my head. I think he believes that it is a wacky place, full of Claudes and rodents.


Denali, my fat cat, likes my electric blanket as much as I do and spends most of her day sitting on the corner I give her.


Only one of these things is really weighing on my mind. (Although I do enjoy sharing the rest of it with you.)

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