Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Time to Get Real

Okay, friends, for all intents and purposes, it is JULY. It is time to get Camp Stimey MOVING! Sure, Jack has been having a delightful and therapeutic summer camp experience, but Quinn didn't go back to camp (that's $60 I'll never see again), and Sam has spent June learning how to surf the internet looking for Pokemon game cheat codes.

This means, of course, that today I set my kiddos up in front of their DSi's so I could plan Camp Stimey. And by "plan Camp Stimey," I mean "spend an hour making a Camp Stimey internet button."


Amateur Photoshoppers are the best, aren't we?

In a little while, I am going to sit down with Sam and Quinn, a calendar, and all of your ideas from my begging for help post and I am going to PLAN SUMMER—NO, FOR REALS THIS TIME!

Sample Camp Stimey topic: Teach the Kids to Medicate the Animals Week

Before, I do that, however, I am going to create a post where I consolidate all of my prior Camp Stimey weeks, so anyone who wants to play along at home can pick, choose, and learn from my mistakes. (See also: check out the ego on that lady!)

Sure, you might not be able to recreate the whole Camp Stimey experience. I mean, who says that your kid is going to climb a statue at your local capitol building and then fall off? But you can try.

That longer post will go up later today and will be published here and then will also be accessible by clicking the Camp Stimey button on the top right of my sidebar. Don't click yet! It's not ready until my next post goes up! (You know, sometime in July...or August.)

That post will be updated at the conclusion of each week, with links to all of the fabulous activities we have experienced, and hopefully survived.

So long, Summertime Ennui! Hello, Camp Stimey!

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