Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh, Right. The Other Two.

So it turns out that "Jack starts camp on Monday! Hooray!" doesn't mean, "Sam and Quinn will magically be appeased and not need to have plans made for them.

Imagine my surprise.

If I may back up a week, we sort of took our first full week of summer vacation to relax and have playdates and swim in the backyard and just chill. It was nice. Plus, I had FULL-DAY CAMP FOR JACK!! starting Monday and HALF-DAY CAMP FOR QUINN!! starting Tuesday.

Monday arrived today, heralding the Era of Sam Doesn't Like to Commute to Camp, which you could also call the Era of Dirty Looks and Animosity. We returned home to the Era of Boredom.

And popcorn.

We were all sitting in our living room kind of staring at each other when Sam piped up with, "Hey, didn't you promise Quinn like four days ago that he could paint?"

Thanks a lot, Sam.

Painting ensued.

Things picked up when the three of us played Legos together for well over an hour. We built a jail. It holds monkeys.

I am extraordinarily proud of the staircase I built.

It may tell you a little something about my state of mind when I tell you that I consider today to have been an overwhelming success. Also, it's hard to write a humor blog when you're depressed.

I am suffering from a bad case of Summertime Ennui. I have to take some sort of action. Therefore, I am now officially soliciting ideas for theme weeks of Camp Stimey.

It's a little sad to conduct more than a month of Camp Stimey without Jack, but do you want to know what Jack's schedule at camp is? Table time, soccer, morning meeting, snack, speech and language centers, bike riding, handwriting without tears, lunch and a movie, movement group, social skills, and finally summer fun activity. Yeah. He'll be okay. As a matter of fact, I'd be happy to let Jack run Camp Stimey so I can attend Camp Awesome.

Suggest away. Also, let me know what I should do with Sam tomorrow after I drag him around for an hour to drop off Jack AND Quinn. Bonus points if you know how to get rid of ennui.

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