Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Current Senses

So we're mid Five+ Senses Week and I've already decided to scrap anything having to do with the + because I'm having enough trouble forcing my kids to think about their ears, let alone their vestibular system, so now we're just at Five Senses Week.

I have more great ideas for this week than actual follow through, but my intentions have been nothing but good.

Here are some of the things I am sensing in Stimeyland this week:

The Sense of Worlds Colliding: Alex started his new job at a law firm this week and called me his first day to let me know that someone I went to high school with works just down the hall from him. Happily, she is a person I have only positive feelings for.

The Sense of Sadness: I think that Poseidon the mouse has a tumor. (And seriously, the first person to say in the comments, "It's nawt a tu-mowr" in a Schwarzenegger voice gets smacked down.) I kind of don't know what to do. Euthanasia? Wait, then euthanasia? Natural death at home in an episode sure to scar not just the remaining mice, but my children as well?

The Sense of Wonder: I just discovered that spellcheck recognizes "Schwarzenegger," but not actual words, such as "Asperger's." Or "spellcheck."

The Sense of Sickness: Jack stayed home from Camp Awesome on Monday because of a nagging cough. Poor munchkin. This is him during our Monday Five Senses Lesson:

I excused him early.

Don't even get me started on the amount of money in missed camp fees that his cough cost me.

The Actual Five Senses: We actually sat around the dining room table on Monday and did a run through of all the senses. You've already seen what Jack looked like during that lesson. Now you can see what Sam looked like:

He was NOT excused early. 
Although it would have been more pleasant if he had been.

Quinn, on the other hand, grabbed a writing implement and set right to work.

He was my favorite for the day.

Because Sam was so surly, I launched into a project that I thought he would really like. My kids are always harassing me to help them make masks, so when I made my original Camp Stimey trip to the craft store, I picked up a package of blank face masks, thinking everyone would be really excited.

Well, at least Quinn was.

That boy has all kinds of great enthusiasm.

The results were a little...creepy.

My intent was that my kids would point out the five senses as they relate to the face, but since Quinn's mask doesn't even include a nose, I think the lesson might have been lost on them.

Sam's mask actually looks a little like him, except his mask is smiling and I'm pretty sure that the kid under the mask was not. It's difficult to convey a sense of strong annoyance with a flat piece of paper and an orange marker.

After having tortured Sam through the forced coloring of a mask and the filling out of three simple worksheets, I released him. Quinn was still eager, so we filled out a Five Senses Journal that I found on the intertubes. (Download PDF by clicking here.)

Did I mention that he was my Monday Favorite?

Quinn can smell cake.

Quinn can taste mint cake, ribs, and an ice cream pool.

Quinn can hear an attacking cat.

Quinn can touch treasure (and spell it in HUgE letters).

Quinn can see...something Pokemon related. I just don't get Pokemon.

The Sense of Hearing: Yesterday I made Quinn and Sam do some listening and draw pictures of things they heard. Because it was a million degrees outside and the news kept calling the air "orange" or something equally ominous sounding, I had them listen to background noises on their Animal Crossing video game. They came up with footsteps and river sounds and doorbells, among other things. It was actually kind of fun. It wasn't quite as awesome as the Outdoor Sound Walk I had planned, but it sufficed.

The Sense of "Oh, Man, I am Fucked": Although I tell my kids about my blog, Sam found it open on the computer this morning and spent about 45 minutes reading all about his life and then telling his brothers what I think of them. I've always assumed that my kids would eventually read my blog, but I didn't expect, you know, today. We had a little chat about sarcasm and hyperbole and how often it can be used to express affection. Then Sam pointed an accusing finger at me and called me Ms. Sarcasm.

So that is where I am. Clearly have a pretty shaky understanding of the senses. There is a reason I'm not a teacher. Tomorrow is Touch and Sight Day, as in "Feel the TOUCH of your ass on your car seat as you get dragged along to Jack's appointment at Kennedy Krieger," and "LOOK at the colors in these awesome tie-dye shirts we're going to make."

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