Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

It is the end of the summer and my kids and I have had a lot of togetherness. I've noticed that my posts about my kids have gotten snarkier and snarkier. Today I started thinking, and to myself I was all, "Self, do you think the internets know that you really do love spending time with your kids and think they are the most awesome of the sauces?"

I'm here to tell you that, yes, that is how I feel. This in no way implies that I am not looking forward to school starting on Monday. Because I am. With the force of ten thousand suns. But I tell you, I have some cool kids.

We went to the pet store for mouse food today and after 15 minutes in the cat adoption room, Sam and Quinn were listing all the animals they were going to have when they grow up. Quinn was picking out gerbil cages. Those two are so charmed by furry little creatures. Jack is too. But he was more concerned with the mechanics of the cat cage doors and then later by the stench in the room. ("Let me out! I can't breathe!")

Oh that Jack. The other day we told him to put his clean laundry away, which he did. But now we can't find any of his underwear or socks. He has absolutely no recollection of where he put them...or so he claims. Of course, three days ago when I dragged them all out to go shoe, sock and underwear shopping, Jack was the only one who still had viable underpants, so I didn't buy him any. Now I have to go to Target tomorrow and completely re-outfit him. Let's not think about the underpants he's been wearing for three days though.

Speaking of shoe shopping, Quinn picked out some shoes that flash red lights when he walks. Somehow he's never had light-up shoes before and he is de-fucking-lighted. (Ha, ha! Pun not intended, but awesome.) He is stomping around all over Maryland. Originally he wanted some camouflage shoes that he saw first so he could "be invisible," but they didn't fit right.

Sam had an ice cream social for his new school a couple of days ago. Last May, when he was a walking anxiety attack over going to his new school, we took him over there to spend the morning and see what it was like. The counselor there told him about an ice cream social where he could eat as much ice cream as he wanted. He was cured. Suddenly he was fine with the new school. For a kid as complicated as Sam is, sometimes it takes the simplest things to chill him out. Also, his new school is a Title 1 school or some such thing, which means that he gets free breakfast every day if he wants. You should have seen his eyes widen when he heard that. I think he's going to be okay.

Bottom line: my kids are awesome. Every single day those kids do seventy things each that make me fall in love with them all over again. Sure, they do forty things that make me wish I believed in spanking, but I sure do like those kids a lot.

Just in case you were wondering.

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