Friday, August 5, 2011

Losing Extraneous Body Parts and Getting Funky

My kids are actively trying to kill each other this morning, which is fortunate considering I'm going to force them to sit next to each other on an airplane this afternoon. Somehow, however, Alex ended up in a row with all three kids and I ended up in an entirely different row. I'm not just going to pretend I don't know them, but I'm going to pretend to be a judgey stranger complete with snide comments and arched eyebrows.

Quinn lost his first tooth yesterday, and more excited he could not be. Although he freaked out last night because Jack was humming in their room and Quinn couldn't go to sleep and he was really upset about the ramifications of that re: the tooth fairy.

Sam cut a chunk out of the very front of his hair a couple of days ago. It took me something like a day and a half to notice. I kept thinking he looked different but I couldn't figure out why and then I looked closer and saw that he had chopped off a big ol' chunk. He says it is because there was crunchy stuff in it. I think I should re-teach him about hair washing. Perhaps we need a Personal Hygiene Week for Camp Stimey.

Regardless, I had to take him for a haircut. Since he'd cut that one chunk so short, they had to buzz cut him.

At, ease, soldier!

I never told you about Jack's end-of-camp performance, but it went really well. Jack (and the other kids) was/were adorable. All the kids said what their favorite part of camp was. Jack said, "My favorite part of camp is lunch because I get to eat food."

Then they did their dance to the Cha Cha Slide, which was amazing for me, because when he has to perform with kids at school, he kind of stands in the corner and fidgets, I'm guessing because he is sensorily overwhelmed. At camp, he did every single movement. It was the best thing I've ever seen.

It was also awesome to hear Jack perseverate on the opening lines to the song, especially because they end with the line, "And this time we're gonna get funky!" which, of course, Jack says with the proper vim and vigor.

Now I have to go pack for the airplane to try to prevent my kids from murdering each other in the sky. If you see these three hooligans in your airport this afternoon, you might want to avoid us.

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