Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Or Maybe We're Okay

Honestly, people, I have NO idea where Sam gets his tendency to overreact and catastrophize. I certainly don't know anyone closely related to him who does that too.

*whistling and avoiding your eyes*

So. It's possible that I may have freaked out a smidge more than necessary after Sam had his meltdown yesterday morning. By the end of the day yesterday, he was doing well. This morning, he was happy and relaxed. After school today, he reported that his day had "whizzed by."

I'm not getting too comfortable, because who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I am hopeful.

Jack and Quinn seem to be doing well at school also. Although when Quinn was doing his homework yesterday and one page said to "Draw or write to tell about one of our classroom rules," this is what he came up with:

"No punching in the face."

Kicking, or punching someone in the neck, is probably okay.

Jack likewise seems to be doing well. His teacher this year is continuing a system we came up with last year, where throughout the course of the day, Jack earns tally marks for good behavior, which are marked down in his communication notebook. If he earns 12 tally marks, he gets to play 20 minutes of video games when he gets home.

It's kind of worked out perfectly, because he and Quinn are home for about a half hour before we go pick up Sam from his bus stop, so that is the perfect little interim for that reward to happen. I prefer to not let any of them watch TV or play video games during the week, so having to go pick up Sam is a perfect way to close that chapter of the day and move on to outdoor play and homework time.

Our transportation nightmare has actually turned into kind of an okay situation. Especially since no one has puked during our commute yet. Yet.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


I know that I may not seem like the expert to write such an article as this, but I wrote "Make back-to-school a success for your special needs child" at Autism Unexpected. Don't worry, I incorporated ideas from other, more together people.

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