Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Algernon: Origins

And, yes, I know that origin stories (weirdly) don't come first, but I am a linear person, so you're going to have to accept it this time.

I would like to introduce you to Algernon:

He's a native Coloradoan.

I was originally going to have a Name the Mouse Contest because Alex and I were having a fight over whether we should name him Algernon (because I kinda can't believe I didn't name any of our REAL mice Algernon) and Paws Scaggs (which Alex thinks is HI-larious). But then I got used to calling him Algernon, so that's what stuck. Although, I would be interested in hearing what YOU would have named him, just for kicks.

Algernon joined Team Stimey in Grand Junction, Colorado—at the toy store Alex was dumb enough to suggest we take our kids to but not buy them anything. It was there that we had to explain to the munchkins why they couldn't take toy wooden guns on the airplane.

I'm pretty sure that Algernon has a long pre-origins story that involves a trip from whatever industrial region he is originally from, but we found him here:

Mousie's first photo.

Algernon was destined to be part of our family from the first moment I saw him and said, "No, Quinn, you can't get a toy...but...I HAVE TO POSSESS THIS!

Seven dollars and four minutes later, I was posing Algernon on a statue of a giant round frog wearing a crown that was situated outside the store. And then in front of a statue of a fish in a chase tableaux. And then in the nostril of a giant metal bull.

It was sometime around this next photo when Alex said, "This is what the rest of our vacation is going to be, isn't it? Taking pictures of that mouse?"

He was right, by the way.

I maintain that Alex knew all about me before he married me. I also maintain that I am awesomer than when he married me.

Try telling that to Alex though. And try telling him that Algernon just wants to see the road a little bit better.

Some of you might not be able to see Alex's fury in this photo, but I can.

Algernon's first day was busy—and full of firsts.

Algernon badly wanted to go to the Chuck E. Cheese in the mall, but we wouldn't let him, so he had his first tantrum, followed by his first trip to Sbarro.

He was pissed about it.

Later that day, Algernon worked out his anger by doing a little rock climbing. He was surprisingly agile.

He's hoping to climb all of the Colorado 14ers.

He did run into a cactus though, which was kind of a drag for him. Although I don't feel too bad because he had just watched Quinn encounter a cactus as well, just after being warned that the cactus would hurt him...only to have it hurt him. Algernon failed to learn from Quinn's mistake.

You don't want to know where I found cactus spines.

After all that exercise, we stopped for a mental break, because I think you know that mice lose 86% of their knowledge over the summer if they don't stay academically stimulated.

He still lost 83%.

In the way of young mice everywhere, however, Algernon was still not tired, so we indulged him with some time in the pool to calm him down and to relax those climbing muscles.

I wouldn't let him go in the hot tub. He doesn't have the metabolism for it.

Then it was time for bed. He swore up and down that he wasn't tired, but his little eyes glazed over the minute his head hit the pillow.

Sweet dreams, young rodent. Sweet dreams.

Algernon has already had many adventures that will undoubtedly be shared in numerous sequels to this here origin story, and you're welcome, by the way, for my not putting them all in this post and writing an epic with 94 photos. Seriously, friends, now that my kids are back in school, I need something to write about. And it was either this or that hairball in the corner that is slowly growing legs and gaining sentience, so again, you're welcome.

The End...or is it?

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