Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Last Three Days, In Pieces

We had the weekend to end all weekends last...weekend. It was busy, busy, busy and packed full of super fun stuff, most of which I am too tired to tell you about. I did write over at Autism Unexpected about the #youmightbeanautismparentif hashtag you may have seen around Twitter.

(Shut up, Jim. I'm trying to write something and not just post links. SHUT UP.)

#Youmightbeanautismparentif you're too goddamned tired to write your stupid autism parenting blog.

Well. Let's see. On Saturday, we had some of the families from Jack's hockey team (Go, Cheetahs!) over for a movie night at my house. I'm not absolutely sure that any of the kids sat through the whole movie, but I think they all had a blast, except for Sam, whose bedroom is adjacent to the TV room and who kept trying to clean up mid-party. A losing battle, that was.

Personally, I just gave into the flow and got hammered on margaritas.

That's a good group of people, that Cheetah Nation. There is something so chill about being in a house full of special needs families who really get it, all the way to the bone. Although I'm still finding bits of popcorn in my TV room rug.

After, Cheetah movie night, I joined some of my online autism mama friends for a drunken Facebook Festivus, in which there was less airing of grievances and more "I fucking love yooooooouuuu, man." I remained hammered for that.

It was this super fun night full of autism families who are now my family. It's nice to have so much family.

On Sunday, my actual family was lucky enough to get to go to the Gaylord National's ICE! show with a bunch of Momz Share bloggers. I forgot to kiss Jennifer, Lara, and Sunday full on the lips for letting us go, but I really meant to. That event is a whole other post in itself, hopefully tomorrow, but I have to show you a little sneak peek.

We got to meet a bunch of the Dreamworks characters, and let me tell you, a happier Jack you could not have found.

I don't know what Alex is doing.

It's a little weird that this next photo is my favorite one that I took of my kids with the characters, but I love it because it is just so Po. He totally did it on purpose. It was hilarious.

That panda is such a scamp.

It was nice to send everybody back to school and work today, because I got a LOT done today. Not enough, but a lot. I just have one more thing to show you before I head off to collapse in bed before it all starts over again tomorrow.

There is this giant bush that we walk past when going from my house to the bus stop. I get Jack off the bus in front of my house, then we walk around the corner to the bus stop to get Quinn. I've noticed over the past few weeks that there are a whole bunch of birds living in that bush, and I often stop to look at them if I happen to be out there by myself.

Today I had the bright idea to show Jack.

He was similarly delighted. The birds? Not so much.

The birds did not like Jack.

Jack kept climbing around the bush trying to get to the birds, all of whom flew as high up as they could possibly get without abandoning their home. At some point, I heard Jack trying to talk some sense into them: "Come on, birds. I only want one of you."

In other words, those birds need to outrun the bear.

That kid was hellbent on capturing a bird to keep as a pet. We could have put it in with the mice.

Fortunately, he eventually lost interest and wandered off to jump in a leaf pile.

Anywho, that's it for me. I am going to go fall into bed now.

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