Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mice Earn Their Keep

Guess what happened today?

We will scare the living bejesus out of them!

This wasn't even the classroom of any of my kids. I guess one of the kindergarten teachers was teaching her class about mice and wanted some pet mice to visit. Because Quinn mentioned once or twice (or seventeen thousand times) last year that he has pet mice, we were contacted and Squeaky and Gerbil got to go visit the kindergarten!

We started by putting the mice in the middle of the rug and letting the kids notice things about them and ask questions about them.

Terrifying if you're a mouse, no?

Quinn came by to help out as a Mouse Expert.

I think he found the kindergarteners as terrifying as the mice did.

Quinn did manage to hold it together as long as fifteen kindergarteners weren't saying his name in unison. He was even able to answer a lot of the questions the kids had. He also volunteered that we've had three mice die. You're welcome for your upcoming conversations about mortality, kindergarten families.

After the group session, the kids came by in groups of three or four to pet the mice and ask a specific question they had each written out on a note card.

Thankfully the mice didn't bite anyone. And...exhale.

The mice did poop all over my hands, which was not only awesome for me, but memorable for the children. When one of them peed on the table, well, clearly our visit was a success.

After up close and personal time with mouse elimination, the mice went back in the middle of the circle while the kids drew "scientific drawings" of them.

Here is Quinn's:

Part of the science is that Whiskers, who is dead, is there also.

I sent Quinn back to his classroom, where he was supposed to be having indoor recess. Just as I was leaving with the mice, however, he reappeared with a request that he be allowed to show the mice to his class.

And then chaos ensued.

It was like the Pied Piper on opposite day.

Happily I returned home with as many mice as I left with. Although after their morning, the mice may have been ready to pack their (tiny) bags and find a new home. The kindergarteners were all very gentle, but I imagine that the stress was pretty intense for those little guys.

Do you see them in there recovering from the trauma?

No. You don't. Because they are hiding.

I've decided to reward them for their good behavior by not forcing them to dress up in silly little costumes for Christmas. I am nothing if not a benevolent overlord.

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