Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homework and Orange Love

I feel like there is one post that I could just put up over and over again, every six months or so. When Jack's homework tonight sent me into a tailspin that triggered doubts about the rightness of his entire educational plan, I was about to write that post again.

After more than an hour of coercing Jack into completing three answers on his homework (which was about 5% of what he was supposed to do tonight), I released him. I figured that if the prospect of doing all that homework felt incredibly bleak to me, it must feel even worse for Jack.

Then he went and played school in his room. I don't get him sometimes.

Tiger's View Elementary School, naturally.

I wrote an email to his teacher and I didn't send it. I started to write a post here and then I decided not to. I got in a fight with Sam and took a time out upstairs. I came downstairs just as Alex was putting the kiddos to bed.

A few minutes later, Sam came out of his room with several notes. The first one said, "Roses are red, violets are blue, but my love for you is orange." The second one said, "I'm very happy, but my love for you is larger." (I'm not quite sure what it is larger than, but that's okay.) This was the third one:

Rainbows have always been his specialty.

Somehow, even when I feel like I'm doing everything wrong, one of my kids comes along to show me that I'm doing something right. God forbid there is ever a day when all three of them send me down the rabbit hole at the same time.

I'll deal with the school stuff. I'll think about it tomorrow. But tonight, I'm going to enjoy some orange love.

I'm lucky to have those guys.


Speaking of parenting and how I'm, you know, super awesome and infallible at it, I wrote a White Knuckle Parenting column on Tuesday about my parenting resolutions for the coming year. (Not to be confused with my running resolution, which I have been kicking ass at, by the way.)

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