Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Ague

Team Stimey is down for the count. The ague has found us again and is making an effort to sweep through our family. I spent two hours this morning on the couch, unable to even contemplate that before too long I was going to have to stumble upstairs to hide from the cleaning people.

I managed to cancel all my appointments, including one at the vet for the dog, which is a little sad, because her stomach audibly gurgled for several hours yesterday, making me think that she might have the ague as well.

I also managed to send a tweet, just in case of, you know, the WORST, so you could know what happened to me.

Day 3: Abrade skin from hands by washing them every four minutes.

I was happily napping at noonish, having dragged my feeling slightly better self upstairs when the phone rang. It was the school. Images of my children flashed through my head. Jack was sick over the weekend; it's probably him. Sam was sniffly this morning; I wonder if he got worse? Quinn complained of being dizzy this morning; perhaps he has the vertigo.

Turns out it was Quinn, whom I went and picked up, but who didn't seem to be sick at all. I think his Team Stimeyness just made him regurgitate some of his lunch, making it seem to the casual observer that he was actually sick.

Regardless, I brought him home and he did his whole week's worth of math homework in 15 minutes, and then he happily read Calvin and Hobbes.

Emphasis on "happily."

Oh, and chatting. Don't forget "happily chatting."

Thanks for wrecking my hopes of napping the day away, Quinn.

Then I ended up bribing him with cookies, turning on the TV, and taking a nap anyway.

All of this is to say that between sickness, napping, auditioning for the DC version of Listen to Your Mother, hiding from the cleaning people, and being the mother of the subject of a photo story on autism being photographed by the most adorable (and truly thoughtful and creative) art student known to humankind (more on that later), if you have (a) emailed me or (b) required something from me, I probably haven't (a) responded or (b) done it.

I hope to rejoin the world shortly.

I did, at some point manage to write a couple of things elsewhere. First, I wrote about which one of my kids is my favorite over at White Knuckle Parenting. (You should guess before you head over there. Then come back and tell me if you were right.) Then, I wrote about this cool new(ish) social media-type thingy called Squag over at Autism Unexpected.

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