Friday, February 3, 2012

The Museum with Team Stimey, in Pictures

Sam had a field trip to the Natural History Museum on Friday and he came home all excited about it and wanted to take the family back there last weekend. Mostly he wanted to show my mom (who is in town visiting) the Hope Diamond, which is housed at the museum.

I listened to Sam tell a lot of people about going to see the Hope Diamond and every single one of them followed up with, "You know, a lot of people think that the Hope Diamond is cursed." Which is funny, because that was the first thing Sam said about it too.

Regardless, Team Stimey packed up and headed down to the museum for a four-second glimpse of the diamond in question.

Being who I am, I took a lot of photos. Being who they are, Quinn and Sam did as well.

We are quite the scene when we travel in a pack.

My kids are so used to me making them stand in front of something and posing in a certain way that they didn't even blink when I told them to go be surly in front of the Easter Island statue. Fortunately, surly comes easy to Team Stimey.

Blurry also comes easy to us. And goofy.

We always hit the dinosaurs first, because EVERYONE always hits the dinosaurs first, where we found this handy measuring device on one of the walls.

Jack is Paleozoic feet and Permian inches tall.

After dinosaurs, we headed off to the Hope Diamond. Sam now has many, many photographs of this necklace.

You know, a lot of people think the Hope Diamond is cursed.

My personal favorite thing in the museum is the crystal ball. If anyone is looking for a gift to give me, I would like a giant, perfectly flawless crystal ball—mainly for the photography opportunities. That way, I could take my time on setting up my photo and not worry about strangers in my shot, because getting four people to pose in a crystal ball was a lot like trying to herd small, distorted, upside-down cats.

Quinn, my mom, Sam, Jack.

At museums, my family does a lot of pinging around from exhibit to exhibit, but Jack likes to take a more in-depth approach. We sat on a fair number of carpets to watch videos. I feel that the obstruction of traffic flow is justified by a child learning.

See Jack. See Jack learn.

I don't remember going through the skeleton exhibit with my kids before, but it's kind of fun. Quinn really wanted a photo of the human skeleton. Then I made Alex feel bad by telling Quinn, "That's a skeleton like yours on the left. And that's a skeleton like Daddy's on the right."

If I've said it once, I'll say it again:
You're so glad you're not married to me.

We didn't stay at the museum for very long. We didn't even go to the mammal hall to see all the taxidermied animals posed in humiliating ways. We did, however, watch a video about the creation of Earth, which was just enough to give Quinn confirmation of some completely erroneous and outrageous ideas he holds about star dust and how it is the base of everything.

We did have one last photo op on the way back to the car.

In case it's too small to read, the sign says, "Colossal Head."

Did I mention that you're glad you're not married to me?

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