And Then Quinn Destroyed My Self Esteem

I put on eye makeup this evening. I was headed out to a rehearsal for Listen to Your Mother and it seemed like a nice idea to look pretty for my friends and also to follow up on a plan I have to actually look like I give a shit about myself. Hooray!

I’m trying to ease into the whole thing because I fear attention and I worry that people will notice my attempt to gussy up and have things to say about it. It didn’t help much that I walked out of the bathroom today and Sam took one look at my face and FREAKED OUT.

“You look like an entirely different person!” he yelled. Then he called Jack and Quinn to come look. “Jack! Quinn! Come here! Mom looks totally different!”

He wasn’t helping.

Jack and Quinn came into the room. Jack looked with interest at my face, but Quinn? Well, Quinn started to scream.

“You look like a zombie! Take it off! Take it off!” he shrieked.

Huh. Ouch.

At least I know that any subsequent reactions couldn’t possibly go worse than this one.

48 thoughts on “And Then Quinn Destroyed My Self Esteem

  1. Zombie?! Quinn was a little harsh, there. I think you look great “gussied up”.

    I get similar reactions on the few occasions where I don full makeup. My 2.5 year old tried to hide from me, once. (Maybe it’s a youngest thing??)

  2. You DO look beautiful.  Ah, kids.  My daughter regularly tells me things like I have a big butt and my hair looks funny.  You look nothing like a zombie, but those were funny reactions.

    BTW, all the hockey posts are great.  It seems like you both had a great time!  Yay!

  3. Zombie?  Really?  **smothers giggle**   Talk about being a little over melodramatic! 

    You look soo pretty in that picture!!  Totally *not* like a zombie at all.  I think it must just be that guys don’t like change, kids don’t like change, add the two together and get…  Overreactions. 

    I love the make-over, you look stunning!

  4. Quinn has a really warped idea about how a zombie looks. You look hot to me!

  5. Well, in defense of your Quinn… don’t you think that it’s pretty fantastic that he prefers you without makeup? And you look great by the way. But think about it if it would have been this way instead: ‘gee mom, you need to wear some makeup’. That for me would have been more devastating.  :)

  6. Aww… I think you look pretty!!  I will say though that your boys think you are a rock star in your every day clothes without makeup and that’s a beautiful thing too!!

  7. Maybe you should come over here to put on makeup. Elizabeth opens my makeup drawer and hands things to me and then gets my lipstick and smears it all over her face. And these are days when I don’t want to wear makeup.

    You look nice. :)

  8. Are you sure you weren’t making spooky zombie faces or something? Cuz otherwise, Quinn’s going to have some serious dating trouble in the future, thinking that pretty makeup makes people look dead…
    That said, if I ever put on makeup, I’m sure my daughter would think the world had come to an end, so maybe I shouldn’t talk. ; )

  9. Helen would love the look. Whenever I wear anything pretty she’s sure to comment and say how nice it is. It’s like having a grandmother around all the time. And really, if zombies looked this good, I wouldn’t be so afraid of them. LTYM is going to be fantastic!

  10. you looked great! i get this kind of awesome affirmation from my daughter daily, “when i grow up i’m going to be a pretty mom, not like you.” woohooo

  11.  Kids are delightful, aren’t they?

    The hockey tournament was ah-mah-zing. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  12.  We should also remember that Quinn was terrified of a green plastic bowling pin with a face painted on it for a really long time, so his mind is a very vivid place. :)

  13.  Poor Quinn will hopefully grow out of it before then. He has a lot of kinda eccentric fears, so I’m hopeful that a lot of them disappear as well. Eyeliner may be his weirdest yet, though. :)

  14.  Why, thank you you, sir! I was going to point out that I was smiling in the photo, but then I looked at it again and I realized that I actually wasn’t! Dammit.

  15. I was at work (in a care home) last night and an elderly resident pointed at me and said very loudly to her visiting grandson, “Ask that man, he’s the one who’ll make you some tea!”  Mistaken for a man…worse than being a zombie? Not sure. You look great, by the way. My boys hate it when I get my hair cut/wear make up/change anything really. And btw I laughed and cried through all your fab hockey posts. Amazing and inspiring. Thank you. Wish my two could join special hockey.

  16. You look great!  Just another reminder that women don’t dress up for men, they really dress up for other women who appreciate the time and effort it takes to do so. 
    That being said my personal dress up efforts are met with similar levels of distrust and disinterest by my sons.  My once monthly face mask being likened to the Joker from the Dark Knight and lipstick with cries of “Don’t kiss me with that stuff on!”

  17. Adding to all the comments that say how great you look.  I just feel better with makeup on (eye makeup and lipstick).  I bet you will, too.  Tell the kids to get used to it.   *smile*

  18. I think Quinn is just getting you back for that zombie pic on the iphone incident at Friday’s.  

  19. The first time my daughter– also autistic– noticed *my* eye make-up, she asked me “Does that hurt?!”  Nice…

    Well, my dear, if we can live through our kids’ commentary, we can make it through anything.  LOL

  20. Damn that kid makes me laugh!  But really, you must have some awful pretty zombies in your neck of the woods!

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