The Bad, the Good, and the Sproingy


I hate everything. *grumblegrumble*assholes*grumblegrumble*motherfuckersallofthem*grumble*


Except this. I don’t hate this. Jack (and the rest of Team Stimey more peripherally) spent a couple weeks last month being photographed by a very talented photojournalism student from the Corcoran College of Art + Design for a photo story about autism. She was amazing and so professional and also crazy nice. Jack sort of fell in love with her. I think he wants her to live with us.

She came over last weekend and presented me with two flash drives full of hundreds of photographs of my family. What an amazing gift. As a side note, it takes a surprising amount of time to look through multiple thousands of photos. I did it once and I have to go through them again to pick out my favorites, which I’m sure I will be sharing here over the next few weeks, but for now, I will give you a few pictures that she emailed me separately.

Dragon Quinn and his Tinkertoys.

Alex is showing Jack the “Who’s on First?” video.

Sam is actually becoming a remarkably good flautist.

Hmmm. Quinn in another funny hat.

Jack chilling on someone else’s lawn.

If you want to see more of her work, you can check out her website, which is a work in progress but should be up and running presently.

You can also see the exhibit at the White Walls Corcoran Gallery at 500 17th Street NW in DC. Her exhibit is part of a larger exhibition called “Interactions” and will be up until March 31. There is a reception on Thursday, March 22, from 5-7 p.m.

Sadly, Jack and I will not be able to attend the reception because we will be out of town (more on that later this week!), but it is possible that Alex and the remainder of Team Stimey will be there. All are welcome to check out this exhibition of work by student photojournalists.

I think it’ll be good. I wish I could be there.


Thank the good lord, it is spring. I couldn’t resist writing about it over at White Knuckle Parenting this week, although I did refrain from using the term “tree sperm” to refer to all those annoying seeds that blanket the world for three weeks every March and April.

The column was originally titled When Spring Sproings, but evidently some copy editor objected to the fact that “sproing” isn’t really a word. Pfft…copy editors. I say that with the greatest of love, considering that I used to be a copy editor. But let’s be honest: copy editors are a strange and persnickety bunch.


I am going to bed.

31 thoughts on “The Bad, the Good, and the Sproingy

  1. I love those pictures! The lighting on the dragon Quinn one is awesome and Jack on the lawn looks like it belongs in a catalog!

  2. *snort*  I love the term ‘tree sperm’ and will try to use it in conversation within the week.

    Beautiful photography.  I wish I could go see the exhibit.

    I’m sorry you hate everything.  We all love you anyway. 

  3. I hate everything except these amazing photos. Team Stimey is incredibly photogenic and full of life.

  4. Loving and feeling the grumble grumble line….. Oh, and Team Stimey is adorable.

  5.  I wish I could take credit for that phrase, but I stole it from someone, so I’m happy to see that tradition carry on.

    I love you too. :)

  6. Ok, my inner flute teacher is coming out to play. Please, for the love of all things chiropractic, buy that boy a a music stand! I have nerve damage in my back from playing flute (happens when you have a masters degree in it), and as I type my back tingles.
    That said, he needs a t-shirt I saw once: The Few. The Proud. The Male Flutist.
    And I’m jealous. Neither one of my sons want to play flute. (sniff) J has the PERFECT flute mouth and won’t play. (wahhhh!!!)

  7. Those pictures are great! I love the dragon Quinn one.

    I think sproing is a perfectly acceptable word, but I also enagaged with a year long battle with my 7th grade social studies teacher about “thingy” being a real word. So. I might not be the best authority.

  8. I love the pics of your family, too.  Where did you get the dragon costume?  My Quinn would absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE it.  Unfortunately she is very tall for her age and most of those full body animal costumes are too small for her.  But she loves to dress up and that means animal costumes.  

    BTW, I was reading an article on Grant Wood (he painted American Gothic).  Apparently Mr. Wood (heh) had such a sweet tooth that he put sugar on his lettuce!  I immediately thought of your comment about maybe trying sugar on cauliflower to get Quinn to eat it.  The article did mention that Grant had terrible teeth.  And got to know his dentist well enough that he used him as the farmer in the painting.  

  9. Your family is so incredibly beautiful and how great to see them through someone else’s images!  Love the photos and can only image how amazing the other couple thousand are!

  10. Flautist?  Let’s go for floutist instead.  Screw the speed limit.  And traffic lights can go to hell too…

  11.  Yes, ma’am. I put a music stand on my shopping list just now.

    That shirt would totally work for Sam! Also, now I’m curious what makes a perfect flute mouth.

  12.  I don’t remember where I got the costume. Sam wore that for Halloween when he was FOUR. We have had it forever. It is a really good one. I remember gasping when I took it out of the package because it was so pretty.

  13. I love that first picture of Quinn.  They’re all awesome but that one is awesome + golden hair so that makes it the best right?

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