Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheetah Links

I am so blown away and humbled by how many of you have responded, commented, and shared about the Cheetahs, the tournament, and their upcoming Cheetah-thon fundraiser. Thank you so much.

I would also like to thank those of you who have already donated to the Cheetahs. Huge thanks to Laura, Kathryn, Tracy, Sue, Angela, Elaine, Joanne, Maggie, Aimee, Lisa, Neil, Mir, Amie, Margret, Other Sue, and Jan. (I'm going to make it onto that list eventually too.) You should know how much your help matters to Jack and me and to all of the other players who will benefit from your kindness. Thank you.

I thought I would put all of my 2012 tournament links together in one place for easy reference. You can always find all of my hockey posts, however, by clicking on the hockey category down there in the list on the right sidebar. There are a couple of new, non-Stimeyland links in this post as well, so be sure to check them out.

White Knuckle Parenting: The Magic of Special Hockey

Special hockey for autistic youth is therapy on skates (I have been trying to write about the Cheetahs over at Autism Unexpected for the past two years and haven't managed to write anything that satisfies me. This will have to do.)

This is the fundraising site where you can donate money. But be sure to watch this video about the Cheetahs first.

 Find information about the Cheetah-thon on its event page or check out information about the Cheetahs on their website and Facebook page. If you are looking for special hockey in your area, check the American Special Hockey Association website under "member programs."

Now my most recent posts about the Cheetahs:

Puck You! (I wrote this before we left for the tournament. It includes links from last year's tournament as well.)

The EX-TRAAAH-VAH-GAAAAHN-ZA, Day One (I managed to squeeze a whole blog post out of sitting on a bus for seven hours. You are welcome.)

The Magic of Special Hockey, Social Media Edition (A timeline of tournament events as seen through my Facebook and Twitter posts.)

Your Baby is My Baby (What special hockey means to me. Hint: Everything.)

Now I can't write a darn thing more. Tomorrow I will remind you that I have two entirely non-hockey-playing children that deserve some blog time.

But, really, thank you for caring about this. Thank you for caring about Jack and his fellow athletes. Thank you for reminding me that you are my village too. After a pretty stormy 2012 thus far, these past five days have been a ray of sunshine.


  1. Having my name mentioned on your blog makes me feel like a celebrity!

    Reading about Jack, the hockey tournaments, and knowing that you will soon be writing about your non-hockey-playing children is a little ray of sunshine for all of us.

    Thanks for sharing these moments with us!

  2. I watched that video yesterday on the fundraising site.....more crying!  The coach at the end just did me in.  I have much love for the Cheetahs and team Stimey!   I am very excited to tell you I found a special hockey team nearby to our city so we are going to go for it with my youngest in the fall!  

  3. I have enjoyed your "2012 Hockey Collection". I watched the video and cried, as well. These special needs associations are amazing. I have started looking into them for my son. I wish the Cheetahs nothing but the best of luck with the Cheetahthon!!

  4. Thrift Store MamaMarch 28, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Oh my - what a lovely video.  I thought it captured the same sort of emotions you talk about so well . . .

  5.  Oh, Angela, I am so thrilled! I hope that you get as much out of it as Jack and I have!!

  6.  It is. It so perfectly captures how important that team is to so many players.

  7. there is not ONE of those kids who doesn't skate better than I do.  

  8. Yep. Me too. When we skate with him, Jack literally skates in circles around us. It's awesome that he has something that he so rocks the casbah at and that the rest of us struggle with.


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