Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good News, Dammit. GOOD NEWS.

I am committed to good news today. GOOD NEWS, you hear that, universe?

I'll start with our IEP meeting. It went pretty well. I am cautiously optimistic. I will blog about it two months from now. It is probably unbloggable until then. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes, virtual hugs, and caffeine.

Now, on to a wrap up of Quinn's strep. He stayed home with me today because his antibiotics hadn't kicked in yet. Oh! Speaking of antibiotics, remember last time Quinn was supposed to take antibiotics?

It didn't go well. There was a lot of barf involved and eventually we just gave up and waited for him to get better. He absolutely cannot take liquid antibiotics. This time I was smart and remembered to tell the doctor that he needed an alternate delivery method. This turned out to be a gigantic capsule that we can sprinkle in food.

But what food? We tried ice cream last night and it didn't go awesome. Evidently antibiotic powder isn't a good additive to a milkshake. But he drank it. Dose one of twenty. Hooray.

This morning I decided to try something different: antibiotic powder in a spoonful of peanut butter and honey.

Guess how that went.

Alex and Quinn ended up in a face off in the kitchen, with Quinn retching and gagging. It didn't look like dose two of twenty was going to get taken. But then, the clouds parted and an idea floated down. "Sugar," said Quinn. "Sugar."

Quinn regularly asks for sugar. It's not really a surprise that he would think of this.

Alex was all, "Yeah, right, kid, I'm not going to feed you sugar," but I had no such high standards. I grabbed the sugar box and mixed a big ol' spoonful right into his peanut butter, honey, and antibiotic paste. I might have started to sing about a spoonful of sugar, which pissed Quinn off mightily, but he started to eat. The sugar trick worked for his evening antibiotic milkshake as well.

Mary Motherfucking Poppins. Who knew?


In the category of not just good, but GREAT news, I was selected as a castmember for the DC version of Listen to Your Mother. I am SO excited about this. The show will be May 6 at 2pm at the Synetic Theater in Virginia. Find details on the LTYM website.

I think one of the best things about being in the show is that I get to read my work alongside some absolutely incredible DC area writers. I am so proud to be part of this group.

Many thanks to Kate and Stephanie for selecting my reading.


In other exciting news that I meant to tell you about ages ago, but keep forgetting to do so, I am featured in another book. I'm considered an EXPERT in this one.

Shut up. I am.

Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, which is a book about raising kids with invisible disabilities, features a Q&A with (expert) me about social media and autism.

The thing I have to say most about this book is if you ever feel alone, this book will show you that you are not. I promise.


The last thing I have for you in this post entirely bereft of bad news (as long as you don't consider the antibiotic paste to be bad news), is that I'm talking about sex education over at White Knuckle Parenting. Good times. Check it out.


  1. I'm sorry, but Miserable Looking Quinn might be my favorite version of all the Quinns. That kid needs to be in commercials or something.  

  2. It just occurred to me that I often find myself laughing the hardest at your kids when they're in minor distress. :/


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