Low Key and Loving It

I’ve had a pretty low key few days. Thank God for small favors, right?

I mean, I did buy new dressers for Jack and Quinn over the weekend. I’m actually pretty excited about them. We got them at a thrift store, and they are REAL furniture. They are not put-it-together-yourself dressers where the bottoms fall out of the drawers after three months.

Sure, they’re not the prettiest dressers on the block, but they make me so happy that when I went to take a nap on Monday afternoon, I slept in Jack’s bed so I could spend some time with the furniture.

This is what I’ve been reduced to, people.

In addition to reorganizing their clothes, I also cleaned their room, which is what I wrote about over at White Knuckle Parenting this week.

I’m so boring that I think it’s possible that I’m unconscious. But for now, I’m okay with that.

25 thoughts on “Low Key and Loving It

  1. Is it sane that I’m really, really envious you got to spend time with new furniture?
    I did a deep cleaning exactly like you describe in your other article (except mine included the horrors of The Closet as well, not sure if yours did). But I didn’t get to relax with new dressers afterwards, so you totally win.   : )

  2.  I actually feel really happy that you weren’t all, “That’s weird that you wanted to hang out with the furniture.”

    My kids’ closet houses their Legos, which I did go through and sort. So I did experience the horrors of The Closet, but probably in a different way than you did.

  3.  Mine involved two laundry hampers filled with stuffed animals (now reduced to one, thank goodness!), a mountain of dressup clothes, several beheaded Barbies, at least three plastic castles, and billions of other small toys because my daughter is a Collector at heart, and seems incapable of getting Just One of anything if there is a set of them available anywhere in the world.  But at least now The Closet is clean! : )

  4.  That sounds unpleasant. Now you have to affix a plexiglass cover over the front of the closet so your girl can look at the neat and organized toys and learn all about Playing With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands.

  5. I am a huge fan of boring, peppered with a healthy dose of naps.

  6. I first read that you bought Jack and Quinn dresses.  My first reaction was to wonder who they were dressing up as for Halloween before realizing that it’s only March and you wrote dressers!

  7.  When I proofed the post, I read it that way too. I wondered how many people would think I was prettying up the kiddos.

  8. Stimey-Jean,  I’ts all about the small victories.  These days, my small victories are if my brat doesn’t eat cottage cheese with his hands.   Enjoy the furniture, its a deserved small victory.

  9. It’s SO great that you blog about housework too. I’m in the middle of writing a post about hoovering the carpets! Thank you Jean for your brilliant, funny writing. It’s inspiring! Now maybe I’ll feel brave enough to tackle our boy’s bedroom. I’m pretty sure mice have built a home under one of the beds…

  10. After putting Connor’s Target dresser together many times, I am finally admitting he needs a real – already put together – piece of furniture. But…I’m so cheap, I went down in the basement and found a shelf – so now I”m going to store his clothes on a shelf for a while. Sad.

  11. Junk Pyramid update?  Or has that been officially abandoned?

    We got hand me down dressers from my MIL year ago.  They looked so much better after a couple of coats of paint and new pulls.  

    Boring naps.  Sounds good to me.

  12.  I know. The Junk Pyramid has been officially long-term hiatus-ed. I was finding that having to write about it was keeping me from doing the decluttering. I had time to declutter or time to write, but not both. :(

  13. I read that as “new dresses” too.  I was all “Way to be a progressive parent and not enforce gender stereotypes Jean!” but then I realized you said dressers and I was sad/relieved.

  14. Honey my thrift store couch lasted 7 years – and I read a whole bunch of blogs of people who buy thrift store (Craig’s List, Goodwill…) furniture and paint it and make it wonderful!  Enjoy!

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