Puck You!

Alternatively titled: I was trying to think of a fun title for this post, but realized that I haven’t read my Hockey for Dummies book, nor have I, you know, watched any hockey since I decided that I was going to be a hockey aficionado, so I didn’t have any fun hockey-themed phrases in my working memory with which to name my post, so I resorted to something close to an obscenity—which is a strength of mine.

So, the reason I am talking about hockey, other than I want an excuse to post more photos taken by the lovely Katie Dance for her photo story, is that Jack and his team are headed on the road again for this year’s hockey tournament.

I have taken hundreds of hockey photos, and NEVER one this good.

As you read this, Jack and I are on a bus headed to Jamestown, New York for the JSBIA Special Hockey Extravaganza. Incidentally, every single part of me loves the American Special Hockey Association for calling their tournament an extravaganza.

When you say “extravaganza,” you should be saying it in a totally drawn out and dramatic fashion with a fake hoity-toity accent as well, like this: EX-TRAAAH-VAH-GAAAAHN-ZA. At least that is how I will be saying it.

Oh, and yes, we will be taking barf bags on the bus, just in case.

Last year’s tournament, you may remember, was a very intense, profound, amazing experience for me. I assume Jack got something out of it as well. Oh, I kid. Jack still talks about last year’s tournament. He does it in his Jack/autistic way: rarely, out of the blue, not entirely accurate, and in a manner that makes you realize that this team is a big deal to him.

For example, we’ll be talking about sports in general and he will quietly say, “I won a hockey tournament.”

Also, he’s really excited to skip two days of school.

I am looking forward to spending the next four days with Jack, but also know that it will be exhausting, dysregulating, and possibly emotionally wrenching in many ways (when it’s just you and your kiddo, you spend 24 hours a day with him), but I can’t wait to see how it goes this year.

Side note to the coaches of Jack’s team: If you facilitate his scoring a goal, I will give you A MILLION DOLLARS.*

It will be a tiring weekend for Jack as well, but he manages to find time to relax pretty much wherever he is.

What? You needed this space in front of the goal?

Jack works his mentors hard.

I plan to blog the hell out of this tournament (and probably Facebook and tweet** as well), but if you want some reading material to remind you of last year’s tournament, here are all the posts I wrote when Jack’s team went to Boston last year:

Here We Go, Cheetahs, Here We Go! (the pre-tourney post)

Part of Something (the profound, I cried a lot post)

1000 Words (the short photo post)

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times (the recap post)

Things I Learned in Boston (the last post, heavy on the photos)

Cheetah pride, baby. I gots it.

I have the DSi and iPad charged, I’ve bought a bunch of snacks, and we’ve sharpened Jack’s skates. Let’s go, Cheetah Nation!

* Offer not valid anywhere.

** Suggestions are now open for Twitter hashtags. It’ll be hard to beat last year’s #cheetahSHIT, but I’d like you to try.***

*** If you can’t come up with anything, I’m going to have to go with #puckyou.

23 thoughts on “Puck You!

  1. I think #puckyou is it.   

    And as long as you have all your electronics (and charge cords) and are fully stocked on the barf bags the rest is gravy.  

    Have fun!!!

  2. I just want to point out to you that you are a rocking-awesome mom. Coupled with yesterday’s post, I’m guessing you’re in a fair amount of physical pain, and you are opting to sit on a bus with kids, for the love of Jack and special hockey. If you can reach behind you, please pat yourself on the back. And if that is too much, know that I’m giving you an enormous hug. ROCK ON, Cheetas! And Jack resting in front of the goal posts is priceless.

  3. How could you NOT use #Puckyou? It’s perfect. Trust me, I know a lot about hockey.  That’s the one.  Have fun at the Extravagaaaanza!

  4. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO, CHEEEEE-TAAAAAAAAAAAAHS!!!!!!!  (Said very loudly in my best arena announcer voice.)

  5. Or, just the simple #CheetahPride.  That actually has at least two possible interpretations – both positive!

  6. OK, yikes, now it appears that #CheetahPride might already be claimed by someone else.  
    So, maybe, #CheetahPrideMontgomery, or #CheetahPrideMoCo?  #CheetahHockey______?I am so out of my depth here – yet, can’t resist providing ideas, having worked in brand marketing for so many years!In any case, hope Jack – and you – have a great time at the event. 

  7.  Yeah, he’s not shy about it. Although now that I think about it, he didn’t lie down on the ice once during the tournament. Wow. That’s a big thing.

  8.  I love how much effort you put into the hashtag. You made me laugh when I read your comments at the tournament. #puckyeah!

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