Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything's blooming. All that crap.

I grabbed my camera today because Sam was in the backyard doing something funny...

Playing his flute for the neighbor with his sheet
music in a tree was the something funny.

...and I realized that I haven't taken photos for weeks. Being someone who comes home from a two-hour trip to the museum with 150 photos, this is out of character for me.

I think the reason is mostly because we haven't been doing much that is exciting. I mean, there are only so many photos you can take of your kids playing video games and doing homework. But this week it has been 80 degrees and there are new leaves on the trees and Jack doesn't have any homework because it is standardized testing week and the teacher is giving them a break in the evening, so we are full of time and new, vibrant places to play and take photographs.

(By new and vibrant, I mean "the backyard.")

It struck me today that spring might actually be here. Maybe we can shed coats and get a fresh start in the fresh air. You know, like George Costanza says, "Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything's blooming. All that crap."

Why play video games when you can beat the
hell out of each other in actual nature?

Sadly, Quinn didn't make it. Aside from a break between reading and math homework, he was stuck inside doing homework because he's not old enough for standardized tests.*

He was a wee bit put out about the whole thing.

Because I don't have any photos of Quinn doing adorable things in the backyard today, I decided to show you this picture he drew at school instead. In it, he details what he did this weekend, which was apparently some coal mining.

Quinn with his pickax.

Underneath the photo, Quinn wrote, "I cut plants with plant clippers. I dug with a pickax. I cut down trees."

What he really did was get chased around the yard by the neighbor's 50-pound Swiss Mountain puppy while Alex did all those things in Quinn's essay. Regardless, it's all good.

Bring it, spring. I'm ready.

* At first, I accidentally wrote "standardized testes" and then I laughed and laughed and laughed.


Hey, if you are so inclined, some amazing ladies (Sue from Laundry for Six, Mir from Woulda Coulda Shoulda, and Leigh from Flappiness Is) and I are proposing a Room of Your Own panel for BlogHer this summer and would love your vote. It's called Telling Tales Out of School and it's all about what you should think about when you are blogging about your kids and their education. You have to log in to the site and then click on "I would attend this session," and hopefully we will end up being selected to speak at the conference in August.

Honestly, this is something I think about every single day, especially right now when there is a LOT going on with Jack and school—so much more than I can write about right now. I'd love to be able to explore this topic a little more with you guys in August.


  1. Quinn's essay totally cracked me up.  Because Michael would write something like that.

  2.  Little kid stories and essays are one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.

  3. Supposing I go and click "I would attend" and then you are selected, how are you going to ensure I do attend?

  4.  International flights, cookie bribes, and handcuffs.

  5. Mine, too.  My Q has written some awesome stuff.  So awesome that her teacher was wondering if we were planning a trip to Brazil.  No.  Just the wishful thinking of a 7 year old.  

  6. On the one hand the time change makes it possible to enjoy this warm weather after dinner.  On the other... homework makes it impossible to enjoy the warm weather after dinner.  And some people (those under 5 ft tall) are not happy about that.

  7. The picture of Sam & Jack made me laugh out loud. Love the THOR hammers! My boys are doing much of the same these days as we experience record temps in the Midwest and I shove them outside so I don't have to clean up after them as much!!

    P.S. Voted for your room/panel. I would love to hear what you all have to say!! Very interesting topic!

  8. who. . . who gardens with a pick ax?  What are you planting?  Sequoias?

  9. Standardized testes....I so would have written that.  AND spell checker wouldn't pick it up because it's a real word....

    Clearly the flower stem is stronger than it looks and a pick axe is required...

    My kids have been "playing" with nunchucks this week.  they've got so many bruises I'm afraid someone's going to call social services...

  10. I prefer my testes much less standard.  Heh.

  11. I am STILL laughing over your post this morning.  That was some funny shit.

  12. Quinn looks so cute in the homework picture! Shame on you letting a little boy run around with a pick axe! ;)

  13.  Alex. Alex does.

    He had every tool that has a blade out there. I have no idea what he was doing, nor do I care. If he planted a sequoia though, he is in big trouble.

  14.  Also, do you see how many vowels "sequoia" has? That's kinda awesome.

  15.  And chopping down flowers with it, no less!

  16. You .... give your kids mallets to play with? 


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