Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things That Make We Want to Smash Other Things


• I have had a kid home sick from school pretty much every third day for two weeks, up to and including yesterday.

• I finally got everyone to school at 9am this morning and came home only to have the school nurse call at 9:30 to tell me that I had to come in and bring lotion for Quinn because he was "itchy."

• Yesterday evening I got an email from Jack's teacher with the subject line, "escape plan." It was exactly the email you imagine such a thing would be. It included the line, "After recess the recess monitor told me that Jack and [Jack's BFF] came to her to tell her that their plan to escape didn't work..." Well, thank goodness they were honest about it.

• Today's post was going to be about stuff that was awesome, funny or, at the very least, autism related, but I am so annoyed at the world that I have to put it off until tomorrow.

• I miss Susan a whole lot.

• When I got to the school nurse's office to oil Quinn up, I noticed the bumpy red rash all over his torso. Yay! Doctor appointment!

• I had to go pick up Jack's melatonin, which I very intentionally buy from an independent pharmacy to support the little guy. But today "the little guy's" stupid parking lot was so full that I had to park on the street around the corner. Then the guy at the cash register gave me the hard sell on four other supplements when all I wanted was to buy the melatonin, goddammit.

• I noticed that there was an awful lot of chit chat and not much scratching from Rash Boy in the back seat.

• We have kind of a heavy pressure IEP meeting for Jack tomorrow morning. 'Nuff said.

• Except not really. Reading through progress reports and other such documentation is enough to push you into a full-fledged depression or rage, especially when one of your kid's (very well meaning) specials teachers writes about Jack, "The only person he is inclined to play with is [his autistic BFF] and they try not to socialize with others." Because that's what kids with autism do—try not to socialize. It's so much more complicated than that. I feel like many of these teachers want to help; there has to be a way to help them understand what autism is.

• When the nurse swabbed the back of his throat for a strep test, Quinn instinctively fought back and kicked the nurse in the stomach. Then he threw up on the floor.

• Quinn has strep.

• Quinn has to come to the IEP meeting tomorrow.

• After dragging three kids to Jack's speech therapy, then rushing to the school for the PTA meeting which I am required to attend because I take the minutes, I headed over to the pharmacy to pick up Quinn's special antibiotic capsules. I arrived home at 9pm to find two of my three kids sobbing because Alex showed them the volleyball-floating-away scene from Castaway.

Stimey smash.


  1. Noooo! No more illness!

    If I could send chocolate via pixels, I would get a whole lot to you right now.

  2. i am really, really sorry. i wish life were better. not for myself, but on behalf of other people i know, i have been wondering wtf is up with this year...really sorry.

  3. Oh, I hope it gets better soon. Truly.

  4. aahahahahahahaa. Stimey SMASH!

    Oh to have the problems that my friends have! They post about how terrible life is that their husbands won't let them switch the 3" molding to 4" in their homes.

    Your post reminded me of that. So much crap that those normal parents don't "get" to deal with.

    Like today my daughter bit her tongue, which wouldn't have been a big deal if it hadn't bled, which wouldn't be a big deal if she didn't suck any fluid into her lungs that isn't thickened, which wouldn't be a big deal if her lungs didn't already SUCK. So now I'm waiting to see if the blood in her lungs is going to make her pneumonia worse.

    But no freaking joke, autism is still MUCH MUCH harder. Any day of the week.

  5. I would like to drive to your house and loan you my boxing gloves. You need to pound the shit out of someone or something.......Sending good vibes Stimey.


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