Thursday, April 19, 2012

#42 in Da House

Sometimes my blog posts just write themselves.

Last Saturday was photo day at hockey practice. The coaches and some parent helpers wrangled all of the kids into poses in front of the net, while a volunteer photographer took shots of each player. I imagine that it was a long and cold couple of hours for her.

But, oh dear lord, it was worth it.


You guys, that isn't even the best photo though. I watched rink side as the coach tried to take my kid, who is all about expressing himself with his face, and maneuver him into what eventually turned into that photo up there. The path to that photo though? Awesomer than awesome.

It turns out that what I find to be incredibly frustrating when *I* am trying to take a photograph of Jack, I find endlessly hilarious when he does it for other people.

Here is his first photo:

That kid has some joy in him, that is for sure.

This is photo two, after the coach got him into a hockey pose:

That tongue is still there though.

Eventually they got him to face the right direction and retract the tongue.

I've never seen that expression on his face before, but I LOVE it.

It's hard to maintain the crazy for so long though, so eventually Jack eased into a smile.

I'm hoping he'll turn into the class clown. I think we have a good shot at it.

And then he morphed into the kid you see here, who is actually sort of disturbingly mature looking. I'm a little distressed about the growing taller, older, and into a dude that I am seeing in him. I swear that he was six years old yesterday.

I do enjoy the handsome though.

That said, lovely as the above photo is, I might prefer the first one. It has more...personality.

Jack has a lot of that.

You can still donate to the Cheetahs online or you can register to attend Jack's birthday party the Cheetah-thon on May 12 from 5-7 p.m. at the Rockville Ice Arena.


  1. #1 photo of #42 rocks!

  2. I love every one of them.

  3. He is quite a handsome dude. I just love the ones with his tongue hanging out...he would get my vote for class clown for sure!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!!  (and why do kids have to grow up so darn FAST?)

  5. Someone feels happy and loved in his Cheetah uniform! And maybe his mom, too. Love them all. But mostly I love that someone else had to do the wrangling and you got to enjoy it from the sidelines.

  6. So... you don't mind me printing them out and framing them in my house, right? 


  7. Those pictures are the best!!! 


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