The Curse of the April Fool

I really enjoy April Fool’s Day. Well, I did up to this year, when my kids became aware that they could try to trick Alex and I and we would pretend to be fooled. And then they would do it over and over. That got tiresome.

Huh. I wonder if that is how Alex feels every year.

See, every year, it is my major goal in life to April Fool Alex. I’ve managed to do it pretty well too. My favorite was the April that I convinced Alex that I was in labor with Quinn. That was a good year.

I knew that Alex would be on the alert during the day on Sunday, so I made my play at 12:15 a.m., as we were going to bed. Technically April 1st, I knew he wouldn’t be expecting an attack already.

“Something bad happened today,” I told him. “Someone dropped the iPad and the corner cracked. It still works, but it’s a little cloudy where the crack is.”

He totally fell for it. Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Cut to today when I pulled out my iPad and saw that karma really IS a bitch.

I have NO idea how it happened. The iPad still seems to work just fine. All I know is that I seem to have finally received my come-muffins.


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13 thoughts on “The Curse of the April Fool

  1. That is a major DOH!
    I lost my voice today from yet another child-vectored viral plague…. Around 4pm, I looked at Marc and said, April Fools… I’ve been pretending so you’d do all the kid-work. It wasnt true, I AM sick.. But how good would that have been?!

  2. I cannot stop thinking dirty thoughts when I see the phrase “come-muffins”.  Will try to wash my brain out now.

  3. Oh no! I posted on facebook that my one-week old car got hit in a parking lot. Yikes!

  4. I think Alex woke up in the middle of the night and broke the thing. But that’s just a theory.

  5. Emma told me there was a dead rat under her bed.  I didn’t even know it was April 1st. . . she ALMOST got me. . . 

  6. me, too!  I’m always just a little surprised that it’s spelled “come”.

  7. Otterskin. Or something like that. But Elizabeth has an iPad and one of these things on it and she’s thrown it with no damage. Like yesterday, when she threw it out of her carseat, through the open car door, and onto the concrete ground. (She didn’t want me to vacuum the car at the carwash, so she decided to try to teach me a lesson, apparently, by throwing her iPad.) It’s an expensive cover thing but it is so worth it.

  8. Even if someone admits to having dropped your iPad, I would schedule an appt with the Genius bar.  It seems odd that a drop would result in a curved pattern rather than a fracture, though perhaps the molecules are arranged that way.BTW, I’m a major fan of the Apple Genius people.  I took my vintage 2008 MacBook in last week to ask about Time Machine [which I am using wrong].  The genius immediately noticed a battery problem that was causing the trackpad to act dodgy.  One new battery, and all is working well!

    I REALLY like my MacBook; still no product is perfect.

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