I Will Never See That Hour Again

I must really, really love this little muffin here…

…because tonight I found this….

…somewhere in here:

It was in the ninth bucket I combed through.

But it helped said muffin make this…

…so I guess it was worth it.

27 thoughts on “I Will Never See That Hour Again

  1. That? Is the most perfectest example of maternal love. :-)  When he is a grown man (and an architect or engineer) you can remind him of this, and what he owes you.

  2. A mother’s love…you can’t get that hour back…but looks like it was worth it!

  3. FIRCK.  I think I stepped on that damn thing in Alex’s room about 20 minutes ago.  If only he would hurry up on his teleporter technology I could have sent it to you.

    And Alex’s closet is now all things Lego too.  Great minds think alike.  Well, I’m saying you have a great mind.   Mine’s always in question.     

  4. Good work!   And this blog post makes it well worth it too, as you now have proof to show him whenever he tries to say “you never do anything for me” or whatever variation he’s fond of. : )

  5.  Ah, you’ve hit on my plan: An elaborate trail of evidence of the awesomeness of my parenting. The only flaw is that I’ve made myself look like a buffoon.

  6. Wow, I am impressed!  I tried once to collect and find all the pieces Danny needed to reconstruct one of the sets he got for his birthday.  He had gotten the pieces all mixed in with all the thousands of others he owns.  Yeah, after about 30 minutes, I gave up.  You are my hero!

  7. When our boys were heavily into Lego, I bought a large tarpaulin sheet with handles, especially for the purpose of containing tiny lego pieces when I had to tip boxes of them out to search for specific widgets like that! Happy Days!

  8. See, I knew we were twins separated at birth.  I have spent a good part of my afternoon doing almost precisely the same thing.  We don’t have quite as much Lego as you (yet…), and it was all tipped out on a tablecloth on the floor, but it can still take an astonishing amount of time to find precisely the right tiny piece Fainjin needs to make his crane-truck.

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