A Surprisingly Long Post About How I Have Nothing to Write About

Sometimes I don’t know what to write about here, even though I really want to write. I actually have a couple really great posts coming up (“No, Stimey!” you say, “They are ALL really great posts!”) but they’re longer and I haven’t had time to write them. Then there are a couple kinda angsty posts I want to write, but I just don’t have it in me to get that out right now.

It’s gotten to the point where I was so excited to get an invitation to help my friend cut her guinea pigs’ toenails because that meant that I would have something to write about. Look for that post next week.

And, yes, I realize that the previous paragraph says a lot about me as both a person and a writer. I’m okay with that.

Then I wanted to show you this picture that Jack drew, that also featured his handwritten caption “look back at the text if you are confused.”

Mostly I love the student’s little hands.

I do know that I wanted to write to thank my friend BetteJo and my internet soul sister, Jen, for donating to the Cheetahs. The team is 40% of the way to their fundraising goal. How awesome is that? For anyone that wants to attend the actual Cheetah-Thon, you can register at the Cheetahs website. You can also see Jack in a photo with his coach and some of his teammates there on the night his super awesome coach received a community hero award.

Would it make you feel bad if I told you that even with all these things I want to write about here, that I actually DID write somewhere else? Because I did. I’m sorry. You can read all Ten Commandments of Being a Soccer Mom over at White Knuckle Parenting. The thing I didn’t include there is that after the game, in which Sam did a really great job, he was all, “I surprised myself! I didn’t know I could play that well!” It was really cool. Sam has some confidence issues on the field, so it was so awesome to hear him say that.

With that, I’m off. I hope to return tomorrow with a most entertaining post about either the zoo or a shed. I haven’t yet decided which. (I’m trying to maintain some mystery.)

23 thoughts on “A Surprisingly Long Post About How I Have Nothing to Write About

  1. If it weren’t my son’s birthday, I would have been pretty quiet this week…I’m so busy with other “stuff” that coming up with posts has been difficult. Hope you find your inspiration soon.

    And this post about guinea pig toenail clipping….curious….curious indeed.

  2. Internet soul sister indeed.  Although I had no idea guinea pigs needed their toenails cut. And if I had known I’m not sure I could bring myself to look forward to it.  Did you know that in some parts of the world guinea pigs are raised as food? Fact!

  3. One of my recent posts is entitled ‘Not a thing in my head’. Must be the time of year. I’ve written a whole load just about cakes! You write in so many different places, I don’t know how you come up with such consistently cool (and funny) ideas. I find you inspirational and often go back to my blog, having read yours, with renewed energy and determination to find new ways to tell people about how life and Autism rub along together in our world. 

  4. Sorry, just realised I accidentally linked my comment to Jen’s instead of making it a reply to Stimey. Sorry Jean, sorry Jen!! 

  5. Can’t wait to see the guinea pig post. And any interest in guinea pig sitting for me sometime? I’m only sort of kidding here. I *might* need a babysitter for part of August. Still trying to sort it out.

  6.  Someone somewhere told me that about the guinea pigs too. Yet another reason to keep them around—in case of the apocalypse and the need for a fresh food source. My mice aren’t very meaty at all.

  7.  Catherine, I was going to be all, “You’re fired!” but your comment was so nice that now I’m going to hire you for a permanent position. And then I am going to go read about cakes.

  8.  Yes. If I am in town, I will do it. Yes. Absolutely. They do have to sign a photo release before they come into my house though.

  9. You just eliminated some stress in my life. I’ll explain after vacation plans are sorted out (long story). If it works out, pigs will come with photo release, loads of food, and their home.

  10.  I was really angry for a while and then I cried but now I’ve reached the point of acceptance.  ;)

  11. Love the rather spare drawing – is that rectangle on stitls, a desk with a top that flips up?  #guineapedicure

  12. I’m glad you’ve made your peace with it and me! And, by the way,  in the spirit of fairness and such Jen, I checked out your blog just now and I’m sure that everything I said applies to Jenland too. Awesome blog. Will read more, thanks :)

  13. I accept! And great that you checked out my blog, thanks.
    In your honour I’m just finishing a brand new cake post. 
    You must be thrilled.

  14. I’m so swamped at work and in my head that I can’t write and I can’t read and I can’t comment and gah. Hi, Stimey! Miss you!

  15. When can we expect the guinea pig toenail update? I have two blogs, mush brain, and nothing to write about.  I need you to be my muse.

  16.  Friday. I predict Friday for guinea pig toenails. In the meantime, you could discuss…say, pigeons? Or urban geese. That is always a good topic.

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