And Then Quinn Devoured All of Us

So, Team Stimey is in family therapy because….obviously.

There are reasons, reasons that mostly have to do with being a neurodiverse family in a world that isn’t always friendly to neurodiverse peoples and a desire to have happy kids who grow into happy teens who grow into happy adults.

Step one: family therapy.

Well, step one is actually creating a happy home environment, but family therapy comes somewhere between steps six and twelve.


Thus far, Jack has been doing most of the therapy, but our therapist wanted all of Team Stimey to come in this week. So we did. And we participated in a puppet show. And said puppet show was so illustrative of Team Stimey’s family dynamic that it was almost embarrassing.

The plot that the munchkins came up with was simple enough. Jack’s pirate attacked Alex’s monkey while Quinn’s dragon puppet set everything on fire. Sam had a police man puppet and did a great job trying to restore order—right up until the dragon ate him. Oh, and me? I was the firefighter running around ineffectually trying to put out fires.

In the end, I’m not sure if just Quinn survived or if Jack and Quinn survived, but I do know that the dragon ate most of us.

Frankly, the only thing that would have made this little metaphorical play more true to life is if my puppet had whipped out an iPhone and taken a picture—which I really badly wanted to do.

Afterward, the therapist interviewed the puppets. When she asked me how I felt when I was eaten by the dragon and I said, “At least it was over,” I knew almost immediately that my answer was wrong.  I mean, she claimed there were no wrong answers, but deep down I know that there were and I’m pretty sure that I gave one of them.

Regardless, at no point did the therapist’s eyes widen in horror, and we are still on her schedule, so evidently we are not outside the realm of help. Also, I’ll let you know when she finally tells us the secret to happiness, because I’m pretty sure that’s what happens in therapy, right?


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23 thoughts on “And Then Quinn Devoured All of Us

  1. I would really have appreciated a video of this puppet show, for full effect!

  2. Hugs to the real you and to the dragon you. And I am totes making you an iphone puppet now.

  3. A psychologist could have a field day with that puppet show…
    Oh wait.
    It’s clear that we need family therapy too. I have to find one that tells us there are no wrong answers too.

  4. That sounds like an awesome puppet show. Too bad it had to be all theraputic and stuff, otherwise it’d probably be a lot of fun. : )
    I also really, really wish you’d gotten a picture, but you’re right, that probably would’ve been bad (despite the true-to-life-ness)!

  5. As one of them therapists…I think your therapist loved it…and now has lots to work with.  Plus, of course we all know the secrets to happiness;  that’s why we get paid them big bucks!!  Hugs to you!

  6. I’ve thought about the family therapy thing. We are a neurodiverse family, as well…and my answer would have probably been the same as yours. (Mine *may* have sounded quite defeated…and deflated.)

    Hope it goes well.

  7. I hope it helps. I remember family therapy after my parents divorced, and me just sitting in a corner like “why am i here?”.

  8. Your answer showed you are grounded in reality and funny as hell. The therapist should have given you some sort of prize, possibly a lifetime supply of the adult beverage of your choice.

  9. The secret to happiness, I *think* (she says hopefully), is to realize that you aren’t as different from every other family as you think? And next puppet show? Show your therapist how to take video with your phone! ;-)

  10. If it makes you feel any better, I weather our storms and collapse in relief when they are over also.  Your family sounds like mine, and probably most everyone else’s too.

  11. Although a video would have been ideal, I think most of us get the picture. Or live it every day. Good luck with therapy!

  12.  My kids accept therapy as a part of life. That is an advantage of having a team of professionals in your life for the past several years. Hopefully they will see a point. :)

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