Jack, with tears rolling down his cheeks, fired me as his mother today.

It was that kind of day. I won’t go into the details and the steep downhill slide that comes with reading his school communication log and then trying to do homework with him every day. All I will really say is that the end of this school year cannot come fast enough. I will miss my mid-day alone time, but I know at least one kid who is badly in need of some time off from all responsibilities and stress.

Hint: It’s Jack.

Because I’m not going into all of that, I’ll just point you to my White Knuckle Parenting column wherein I wrote about letting your children fail.

That was a really bad segue. The post is actually about some stuff going on with Sam.

If you want something that is not all about failure, Team Stimey was featured in Autistic Globetrotting’s Mother’s Day Celebration. There are a lot of fantastic posts there about traveling with autistic kids, including my contribution about how I prepare my kiddos for outings.

Anywho. I’m hoping to be rehired tomorrow. We’ll see. The interviewer is erratic but seems to like me. Most of the time.

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  1. I absolutely never comment, but I got fired today too. While my boy in his garbled, barely able to be understood, language all his own told me he was done with me, he also told me he “needed me to stop talking to him”…
    Like you I’m hoping I’m rehired tomorrow because most days I really like my job and the benefits are great, but lately the job has been sucking the life out of me. So I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one getting fired around here. Clearly failing at this parenting thing.
    Good luck tomorrow, we’re all pulling for you :)

  2. Awww…I have been fired so many times!  Tonight she went so far as to open the garage door and order me to leave!! Stupidly, I did not jump at the chance .She made it up to me by offering me a cup of water~ My job security is always in jeopardy with her!

  3. Those days are the worst….I’m told to “shoo! Get away”. That’s my son’s “You’re fired!”

    Hope you get rehired in the morning by a happier boss….

  4. i’m sorry you got fired. maybe a sabbatical would be nice? i’ve been there with the communication notebook/homework hell. oh yes.

  5. Sound like a day of suck, I’m sorry. We are having some “senioritis” here too, ready for the slack of summer. Hope you get your job back tomorrow. Good time to ask for a raise? Longer breaks?

  6. Somehow the days get really tough this last month. I hope whatever you figure out for Jack next year works better.  I have pretty much stopped doing homework with Jake. Is that terrible? I would just rather have a happy child and peaceful home. Sigh.

  7. Is it possible to just stop doing the homework? Or is that a bad long-term move?  I realize the dude is super smart, and he could just decide to never to homework again. I’m thinking more a “Jack, we’ve done homework together every month ths year. You may take the last month of homework off.” But that might totally fail, I realize.

    What about trying to empower Jack with the communication journal, can you turn it into a “Jack, can you please tell me three things about your day that you’d like me to know?”. Can Jack help problem solve the communication journal issues? I don’t know, I’m just brainstorming here, because when I hit these ruts with my kids, sometimes I find just removing the obstacle, rather than actually beating it is the best thing. I really don’t know, of course, with Jack. Just trying to think out loud. 

    And man, my heart goes out to you. Seriously.

  8. Hope you get the job (back). I think you should ask for a raise and more vacation while you’re at it. ;-)  And, FWIW, you’re an excellent parent…despite your son’s protestations (and yours!) to the contrary.

  9. You know the first time Alex fired me it was the worst.  THE WORST.  Now he fires me all the time and I tell him to go and live with the neighbor and he thinks twice.  

    I hope today is better and like you, I’m so ready for my son to be home (for  his sake) I’ll give up almost anything.   His communication notes look like a Bic pen threw-up on it and he’s not faring much better.   

  10. First of all, you might know I have no credentials as a Mom.  However:
    a.  Did Jack have the authority to fire you?  Really?  
    b.  Is another way to say ‘letting your child to fail’, something like this:
     ‘helping your child to recognize that he or she won’t – and need not – excel at 

    That, to me, is a lesson learned.  
    Also, elaine_marie’s comment seems very wise: ‘What about trying to empower Jack with the communication journal, can you turn it into a “Jack, can you please tell me three things about your day that you’d like me to know?”. Can Jack help problem solve the communication journal issues?’

  11. Also, you do realize that I’m not judging – just chiming in with some uninformed ideas.  As you do.

  12. My job loss came unexpectedly one day as he got out of the seat next to me,stood in the open door and yelled: You are the worst mother in the world! I hate you! Door slams and he marches away without a second look. I was hired back the next day. He needed a ride to school. 

  13.  I hope your day today was better. And I’m glad you commented and I hope that you realized from my post and these comments on it that you are not alone. Because I felt so alone last night. I was completely broken by my evening, and all the people who left notes about the same thing happening to them or just words of encouragement helped me so much. I hope they helped you too. Hang in there. Love to you.

  14. Contact your Human Resources department about harassment. Wouldn’t that be nice? The power to melt our hearts is the same that breaks them. Curse those cutie petuties with their doe eyes, quirky delightful ways and heart hugs.

  15.  I do like the idea of going through the book with him. He DOES read it sometimes at school. He definitely knows what is in there and that he is accountable for it. I don’t know if I’m ready to give up on homework entirely, but I’ve decided that I’m for sure not dying on the homework hill.

  16.  a. I should check my employment contract to find out. I suspect not.
    b. Yes, absolutely!

    And I agree that Elaine’s ideas are good ones. She’s very wise.

    p.s. I know you’re not judging. You are always very kind to me. As you are. :)

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