And the Fun Keeps Rolling Along

You guys, thank you. Thank you all for your therapist recommendations and thank you for your assurances that I’m not alone and thank you for your kind words. They all matter so much to me. Thank you. I’m feeling a lot better this weekend than last week, so yay! Also, now I have some good ideas of places to look for therapists instead of just opening the phone book and picking someone because their name makes them seem like someone I’d like. That hasn’t always worked out so well for me in the past.


There is, however, more sad news. After Gerbil died, I cleaned out the mouse cage and put Squeaky back in there with a paper towel for her to shred to keep her busy. She spent the next two days just kinda sitting on top of the paper towel and not inside her little hut, which was unusual. Squeaky and Gerbil used to curl up together inside their house all day long. It was strange to see Squeaky out of her house so much. Today, we woke up to blood on the paper towel. Evidently her skin condition was not controlled as well as I had thought.

We decided that it was her time and that to keep her alive with skin that probably really hurt was cruel.

Naturally, I’d recently bought four pounds of mouse food.

I took one last trip down to the vet office. Squeaky, you will be missed. We loved you.

Tenacious Squeaky in her less gruesome days.

After I brought her little body home, Alex buried her next to Gerbil. Instead of using a spoon this time, he pulled out a pick ax. That Alex is (a) strange, and (b) has evidently never seen a shovel.

So now, instead of five little friends running around in their cage next to my desk, they are buried under our butterfly bush. Even Algernon had to pay his respects.

There but for the grace of God go I, he reportedly said.

Goodbye, mice. You were good pets and fun to have. I just wish you lived longer.


Things have been a little grim here of late, so I’m going to give you this palate cleanser from Sam’s last soccer game of the season. I don’t have any actual photos of the game, but I do have this photo of Sam after he got his year-end trophy.

He works really hard at soccer for not a lot of glory.
I’m really proud of him.

Sorry for the weird crop on that photo. I had to eliminate the kid standing behind him and opening Photoshop to do so seemed far too onerous.

 I do also have this photo that I took a few weeks ago when Sam was goofing around on the sidelines. It pleases me for many reasons.

Sam had some weird objections to the photo. Something about “yoga”
and “levitation.” Some days I don’t get him.


In other news, here is what I am facing down over the next few months:

Brilliance from Lizbeth over at Four Sea Stars.


Now I’m going to go stare at my television set for a few hours, because I’m pretty sure that doing that helps with the dysthymia ennui. That and eating my feelings. I might do both.

32 thoughts on “And the Fun Keeps Rolling Along

  1. I love you so much.  I’m glad you’re feeling the love from all over.
    However, that picture of Sam feels like some Jedi mind trick that may stay with me for a long long time.  Tell him I’m impressed.  And scared.
    Wish I lived close enough to eat our feelings together.

  2. Poor little Squeaky, and poor Stimey too.  You made them all happy mouses.
    I meant to post on your dysthymia post, but I couldn’t think of anything to say…I have depression myself and I know there’s not much to say to help someone else who has it (or if there IS something to say, I sure don’t know it). So…well, you’re not alone, and I hope you find something that helps! (medication works wonderfully, but it’s not for everyone, I hear?)
    And that “Summer Vacation” poster is BRILLIANT. School can suck so much, but how on earth will I manage three months without the free time it gives me to breathe, and the routine it gives my daughter???  Argh!
    Wait, I mean…good luck! Yeah! Woohoo!

  3. Oh, sweetie, I’m so, so sorry. :( for what it’s worth, mice don’t tend to have long lives even in the best of circumstances. Sending you huge hugs and a vat of your favorite ice cream. Imagine I’m with you eating my feelings, too.xoxo

    But the yoga levitation stuff? That’s pretty damn cool.

  4. Anyone who has gerbils and mice has to be a good person. I usually kept mice in my classroom or science lab. My experience with gerbils was not good. I baked one by leaving it in a car {I had opened the windows but it still got too hot).  Gerbil #2 got out of the cage ( I suspect my son had something to do with that) and although we searched and searched we could not find him. Two weeks later we discovered him in the basement. 
    After that, at least at home, it was Binky our dog , the dog we got from the ASPCA that was supposed to be small and wound up weighing 35 pounds.
    As for any emotions, I drink mine with vodka and grapefruit juice.


  5. Dang. You have way more of your fair share of grimness lately. I highly recommend chips and dip for the eating of the feelings. xoxo

  6.  You’re so right. It’s hard to say something that helps. I’m sorry you’re going through it too. But love to you. Always.

  7.  They claim that it’s different. It says “Rat/Mouse” on the bag. I think the squirrels in my backyard are going to be really happy for a while.

  8. Picking doctors can be tricky, but my very Italian grandparents did well by picking the most Italian names out of their list of in network providers. Glad you have a starting point. Love the pic of Sam, super cool. Godspeed Stimey. Lots of hugs and Haagen Dazs. xo

  9. The small rodents do not do really well with the long lives. I had hamsters in college. Well, for part of college. I’m sorry for all your mouse loss lately.

  10. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. Sorry about the mouse. :(

    I struggle with “ennui” myself…in fact, I’m just digging out from a “funk”. Know you’re not alone…

    Take care…enjoy your tv escape.

  11. So sorry. Hugs! I guess Squeaky was just feeling lonely and wanted to join Gerbil.

  12. I’m so sorry about your mice.  

    And that’s actually a pretty cool picture of Sam with the soccer ball. No matter what he says. 

  13. I’m sorry… But I remember when Eugene had that skin problem (my brother’s mouse when we were kids) and it really did get bad (like gross scary bad). So I think you did the right thing. Why don’t you ask if they have mice at your kids’ school? Maybe you can donate the leftover food.

    Also – I love the yoga picture.

  14. I’m so sorry about your critters. I had mice that lived to be 2 years old. One died in the fall, so I buried her. Then her buddy died a few weeks later so the ground had frozen. I wrapped her up, put her in a wooden tea box that looked like a little mouse coffin, put that in a plastic bag, and then kept that in the freezer until the ground thawed the next spring… I think that might make me slightly creepy, but I wanted to bury them together.

  15. So, I saw this post after sending you an e-mail. 

    I wonder if Squeaky was missing the other mice?  In any case, I believe you made the right decision. 

    Also, Sam looks very happy, even if he didn’t like the second photo.  [It reminded me of the game the non-preppy guys used to play on the quad.  You know – hacky something?]

  16.  Thank you. I actually really appreciate this validation. And I think what I’m going to do is make the squirrels in our backyard really happy. There are no mice at our school. In fact, Squeaky and Gerbil visited one of our kindergarten classrooms because they were the only mice available.

  17. I am really sorry about Squeaky.  You took really wonderful care of them.  Lots of hugs from me to you.

  18. I am just emerging from my rabbit hole.  So sorry to hear about Squeaky and Gerbil.  They lived a good long time.  I’m glad they got you as a mouse mom. 

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